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Welcome to awesome Meadwobrook School!

Meadowbrook Elementary School is the best school ever!
We're going to tell you why you should come visit.

Our playground and field are very big,and fun to play on!
We even have a walking trail.

If we follow the Bulldog Way we get a paw.
When our card is filled it goes on the BINGO board.
The Bulldog Way is: be responsible, be respectful, and be safe.

We have a big lunchroom, and we sometimes use it as a gym.
We have healthy food every day for breakfast and lunch.

These are our specials: library, art, gym, and music (not pictured).
We have the best teachers ever! Our gym is very big.
Right now we are doing gymnastics. We have an organized and big library.
We sing fun songs in music. We do fun projects in art.

We do fun things on the computers. We have 2 computer labs-one upstairs, and one downstairs. We take math and reading tests on the computers.

We have a very clean school! Everyone helps keep it clean.
We have a great custodian named Mr. Ed.

We make a lot of friends at our school.
It is a fun place to learn.

See you at Meadowbrook!

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Welcome to awesome Meadwobrook School! (Schools of the World)    -    Author : Miss Koehler - USA

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