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Kashmere High School. The Conrad O. Johnson School

Kashmere Senior High School for Music and Fine Arts

Mission Statement

Kashmere's mission is to provide each student a quality education and a variety of enrichment experiences such that each student will be able to make a positive contribution to society as a productive individual.

Alma Mater

Kashmere High, Kashmere High,
We honor your great name.
With our voices we shout to the sky.
Thoughtfully we will be
To our Dear School of Fame
Always loyal as the years go by.
Our Red, Blue and White
Stand for right as we fight,
Never forgetting the standards we've claimed.
There's no school ever before
Whose colors mean the same
Kashmere High, you're the one we adore.
Bell Schedule

Teachers:8:15 - 4:00P.M.
Students:8:25 - 3:50P.M.---Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Students:8:30 - 1:30P.M.----Wednesday

Mon-Tue-Thur Schedule

7:40-8:25A.M.------Period 0
8:25 A.M. Enter Building
8:30 A.M. ----Tardy
8:30-10:08A.M.----Period 1/5
10:13-11:51A.M.---Period 2/6

Lunch Schedule

"A" Lunch 11:56-12:26 P.M.
"B" Lunch 12:56-1:26 P.M.
11:56-2:09P.M.------Period 3/7
2:14-3:52P.M.-----Period 4/8

Wednesday Bell Schedule

7:30-8:25A.M.--Enter building
7:40-8:25A.M-----Period 0
8:30-9:53A.M.----Period 1/5
9:58-11:21A.M.--Period 2/6
12:26-2:23P.M.-----Period 3/7
2:28-3:52P.M.------Period 4/8

Lunch Schedule
A Lunch 12:26-12:56

B Lunch 1:40-2:23

Friday Bell Schedule

7:40-8:25AM.--Period 0
8:25A.M.----Enter Building
8:30-9:53A.M.-------Period 1/5
9:58-11:21A.M.----Period 2/6
1:01-2:24P.M.---Period 3/7
2:29-3:52P.M.-----Period 4/8

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