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Lakers Public School & College, commonly known as LPSC, is a private school located in Kathaltoli, Rangamati, Bangladesh. It is managed by the Bangladesh Army, Rangamati Cantonment, Rangamati. The school was established in 1991. It targets pupils from the Bangladesh armed forces and civilian communities in Rangamati city, especially those living in the Rangamati area and its periphery. A substantial proportion of its students are from civilian backgrounds.

The lack of educational services in the English medium for defence officers was a prominent reason the school was established.
LPS started its functions in hired accommodation at Kalindipur under the principleship of Begum Rukhshana Amin, with 60 students and 7 teachers. The local government council in Rangamati allotted 1.3 acres (5,300 m2) of khash land at Kathaltali on which the ground floor of the present school building was constructed and started with 7 classes from nursery to Std V from 1 September 1995.

Me and LPSC

I went with my mother to a taxi in December 2011 to take the admission test, then I was only 6 years old. I just heard the name Lakers' Public School & College, is a famous school in my city. But I never saw it with my own eyes. That day I saw a park from a distance there was only one slide and two swings and something round, I was telling my mother why she didn't take me to school and bring me to a park. Mom was saying with a smile, "look at what is in front!"
I was surprised to see such a big school for the first time. I went there to take the admission test to admit myself to class 2. First I attacked the school canteen, bought a rubber and some things from there. I miss that canteen a lot because later it was demolished, many years of memories were there.
However, after buying the things, I went to the school field and line up according to the class. There was another fun shoot. I got to see a lot of my friends and was very happy to see them. The funny thing is that the sweater I wore on a winter day was worn by another boy next to me haha! Then we became friends.
Then December 30, 2011, is the day of my result !! The exciting moment at home, I got the news around 11 am all my friends have been selected and I am 5th !! I was very happy that day. After I was admitted, I went to the new school in a new dress and everything.

This is how I started school from class 2, I will finish my school life from this school and only after 2 years !! It is amazing to think that I have grown up from class 2 to class 9 and now I have been in this favorite school of mine for 8 years. My pride is around this school, I have achieved a lot from this school. I will never forget this school in my life. I love this school very much. Hopefully, after just 2 years of good reading, I will be able to finish my school life from this school. In the last two years of school life, I thought I would enjoy it a lot. But that was not possible because of the coronavirus. I will be forever grateful to my beloved school for the soul.
National Section
For the national curriculum the students take the Secondary School Certificate SSC examinations. The students follow the textbooks, translated in English, of the National Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Bangladesh.

Boys wear white shirts with navy blue trousers, elementary boys wear shorts instead. Girls wear white salwar kameez and blue kamiz.

Students spend their Library classes and free periods in the school library, located on the fifth and topmost floor. The library contains textbooks, novels, references, encyclopedias and Army periodicals. It maintains an archive of English daily newspapers. Students, from Class Five onwards, may borrow books from the library.


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