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Kasese Humanist Primary School
Kasese Humanist Primary School is a secular school that offers both nursery and primary school education to young children aged between 3 - 14 years. The school teaches in accordance with the Uganda nursery and primary schools curriculum and in addition teaches humanist lessons, vocational skills, computer studies, gardening and outdoor field studies.

The school promotes Critical thinking, emphasizes on Evidence Based Learning, free inquiry and encourages young people to love and study science so that they understand better how nature operates, how humanity and the wider biodiversity came into existence, we promote evolutionary science as a basis to understand better our origin.

Our Campuses:
We are happy to inform you that since our school got founded in 2011, we have so far 3 schools located at different locations within Kasese District as indicated below:

Kasese Humanist Primary school - Rukoki Campus, Nyamwamba division,Kasese Municipality

Kasese Humanist Primary school - Bizoha Campus - Muhokya, Kasese District

Bizoha Humanist Nursery School - Kahendero, Kasese District

Dear our esteemed volunteer, our schools have volunteer opportunities and placements each year to 3-4 volunteers each year to teach at our schools any subject as per the volunteer preferences in Maths, Science, Social studies, Science, computer skills, Vocational skills in tailoring, weaving, craft making, carpentry and farming skills.

Our school has got 3 health clinics which accept volunteers with experience in working as nurses, lab technicians or health peer educators.

Our school has several projects listed below when a volunteer can find exciting and thrilling to get involved:

Botanical Gardens project
Cassava/Maize milling Project
Bizoha Farmland Project
Free thinkers Club initiatives

You can also volunteer and spread the message about us to many of your friends, relatives and people who matter in helping out sponsoring some of the needy and orphaned children who study at our schools.

In case you want to volunteer with us, send us an email and we shall communicate back to you in the shortest time possible.

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