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***Giffard Park Primary School***

Hello welcome to Giffard Park Primary School!
My name is Sophie Hammond and this is my blog!
I have been at GPS for 5 years now and I am in year 6, ITS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!
We get laptops that cost like 30 a year we even get to take them home and play games!!
We have something called a Trim Trail which includes a climbing wall, bridge and much more!
Also we have a quiet area which has musical instruments. Thanks Mr Booth!!
In topic we are cooking biscuits. Mine is chocolate orange flavor!!
In english I am writing a myth about a girl called Rosalinda. Homework is hard we don't have it for every subject only maths and English.
My teacher is called Mrs Harris I have English,Topic and French with her! :)
My Faviouite subject is English and history! Tell me what school you go to and your favouite subject in my
gestbook! Have fun!
In are books we write answers from questions. If are work is good it is highlighted in green.
If bad red. How does yors work?

This is more information about the Trim Trail in case you want to persuade
your headmaster/mistress to buy one!
I am not sure but I think you can only buy them in england, sorry guys!
Trims Trails are very hard to explain show I will just so you all a picture!

This is a pic of my school in assemberly we have it 3 days a week tell me if you have it in my gestbook!!

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