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Club of International Friendship

Big Ben

We'd like to tell you about our club, school & our beautiful country!

We live in Russia.It's one of the greatest countries of the world and everyone knows it, but very few people have ever heard about
Karachai-Cherkessian Republic.
It's situated in the North Caucasus and our republic is very peaceful & amazing!!!

In any season you'll find different entertainments

Our school is in one of the youngest districts of KCHR- Nogai district.
We are from the village Erken-Shakhar.

This's our school.It's not big but we like it being here!!!

Our club of international frienship is called "Big Ben".We'd like to contact any school or person to make friends and be penpals
Our activities

Our club is a new one but we've held some very important and interesting activities at our school.

We are looking for new friends from all over the world!!

Our e-mail is

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