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Bay Harbor Elementary School

Bay Harbor Elementary School
We want you to join us...
but why should you come here?

Bay Harbor Elementary School is a beautiful building that is only 4 years old.

This is the front of the school.
It is called Bay Harbor Elementary.

Look at this, our lunch room is huge!
It's so big and clean we love it here.

At our school we have a great principal. His name is Mr. Siech. He is the best principal! He is very, very nice!
Our school is squeaky clean because everyone pitches in to help clean up!

The computer lab is so big! It can fit an entire class in it plus extra people if it needs to.
We have many resources available to Bay Harbor students and staff.

Our library is organized because everyone uses their shelf markers we have. There is a lot of books to choose from in the library. Each student can check out up to three books at a time.
Classes can get different awards for following the school's expectations and for good behaviors in class. We have such good kids! We have awards called the Golden Tray (lunchroom), the Golden Ball (recess) and the Golden Ticket (everywhere).

Our school is safe because we practice safety drills in case of emergencies.

Tornado Drill - if a tornado is spotted in our area.

Lockdown Drill - if an intruder would enter our school.

Fire Drill - if there was a fire in the building.
Just so you know...
Our playground area is small for now but it is clean and nice. It is growing and will keep growing. It has good supervisors.

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