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Hello Everyone! My name is Alycia and I always loved Diaries so I'll be making one right now! Here are all my Diary pages...Well not really lol! Enjoy reading! = ]

January 18, 2007

Today was a great day! I felt like I dont need to hide myself anymore! Anyway, at school we had a test for Math...For Reading we did two things...A worksheet and we had to make a recipe (I have that for homework) For Social Studies, We did a Family Tree thing and all I need is a picture of my family, a few symbols, and glitter to put around my family tree. Dont worry, the family tree is made out of paper lol but we cut it out like a tree. Since I ride the bus, I was late (Not for morning for afternoon) because my whole class keep standing up and the teacher wouldnt let us leave until we were quite. So yeah I'm lucky that my bus didnt drive without me.
PS. I really want to see that new movie called 'Stomp The Yard' it looks cool thats all! = ]

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