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Viharamaha Devi Balika Vidyalaya
Welcome to SriLankan school
Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya

School Logo
School Mission:-
Our aim is to produce a proud and confident future generation oh women who will boldly face all challenges by bringing out their hidden talents.
School Vision :-
To produce best among the best of those who enter these premises
School Motto:-
Virtue,Courage and Wisdom
In 1977 February 1st the girl's school Kiribathgoda Vihara Maha Devi school has been started with 7 teachers.
The student who has joined the school first:- Thamara Surangani Padmaperuma
First principal in the school:- Mrs.Amara Wickramasinghe
In the present amount of students:- 3610 (in 30th September of 2016)
In the present amount of teachers:-168
Present principal in the school:-Mrs.P.H.A.S.Aberathne

Our school

our swimming pool
Principals of school
1st principal-Mrs.Amara Wickramasinghe (1977-1989)
2nd principal-Mrs.Kumari Weerasuriya (1989-1992)
3rd principal-Mrs.Sumana Premadasa (1992-2009)
4th principal-Mrs.Neelamani Malaviarachchi (2006-2007)
5th principal-Mrs.Anoma Shamali Aberathne (2007-now)

Present principal (Mrs.Anoma Shamali Aberathne)

Bord of Acedemic staff
School Bands

Western band

Eastern Band
Why the school named Viharamahadevi?
Because the school creator wants to build a Buddhist ladies' school in Kelaniya . The hero Viharamahadevi is the best character in Kelaniya so he thinks her name is the most suitable name to the school
Statue of Viharamahadevi (In V.B.V)
Story of Viharamahadevi in brief Queen Viharamahadevi was the daughter of King Kelanitissa who ruled Kelaniya. The King once punished an innocent monk by boiling him alive in a cauldron of oil. It is said that the gods, angered over this cruel deed, made the ocean rush inland and flood the land. Soothsayers said that if a princess was sacrificed to the sea, the raging waves would stop. The young princess sacrificed herself for the sins of her father and for the safety of her motherland. She was placed inside a beautifully decorated boat which bore the letters Daughter of a King and set adrift on the sea.

It is said that as soon as she was sent off, the sea suddenly turned calm again and the water receded. However, the King was very upset, the Queen was wailing and the citizens were very angry over the loss of their brave princess. They all started blaming the King.

Meanwhile, the young princess finally reached the shore, at a spot known as Dovera in Kirinda, in the southern part of the country, then known as Rohana (now Ruhuna) which was a quite prosperous area ruled by King Kavantissa. A fisherman who first spotted the boat is said to have run to the castle, and informed the King about the castaway princess. The Thupavamsa says birds who first spotted the floating boat informed the King.

The princess was brought before the King in a procession. The King, on hearing her story, was so impressed that he decided to marry the princess who had been so brave and patriotic to sacrifice her life for her country. As a part of the legend it's said as she reached the shore at a spot close to the Lanka Vihara, she was named Viharamahadevi. The place where she landed is marked with an inscription laid there by Prince Mahanaga.

She bore the King two sons, Dutugemunu and Saddhatissa. The former is one of the greatest heroes of Sri Lanka, while Viharamahadevi herself is recognised as a great heroine of Sri Lanka.

Memorable memory

Thank you for waching this.I hope you are enjoied

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