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This is the playground. It is a fun, big and safe place to play. This is the Bulldog way board. The bulldog way is "Be safe, be respectful and be responsible". And this is the art room. It is a great place to do projects which will be in the art show.

This is our teacher. She is the best teacher in school. Spike is our mascot. Our class is where we learn.

The computer lab is a very fun learning tool. The bingo board is where if you do something good you get a paw and you add it to your card and when you fill it up you put it on the bingo board.

This is our school. It is fun to learn at. If you fill up a paw card you put it on the bingo board and you can win a prize. The last picture is some of our hooks. They are very clean.

You can exercise in our gym. it is very fun. Healthy dragon teaches about healthy choices. Projects are silly, funny and awesome!

We have an amazing classrooom. This is a picture of our office. We get calls here and where people go when they get hurt.

This is two people that are in my class. They are very nice and they are very fun to play with too. This is the lunchroom before we get our lunch trays we wash our hands. This is the best principal ever!

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