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Going to school is certainly a experiment that everyone has lived on this website.The studies someone has made or is making tell a lot about people.However the educationnal system is different from a country to another and it's difficult to make comparaisons.So I will explain how the studies are organisated in France.
I invite everybody to make the same thing about his own country.

In France from the age of 3 to 5, you can go to "l'école maternelle".It's more like a children garden. Some children don't go there because it's not mandatory(education is mandatory from 6 to 16 in France) but it's free and public.

From the age of 6 to 10,children go to "école primaire" or "école élémentaire" (two names for the same thing),it's more or less the elementary school.You learned reading,writing, a bit of maths(addition,subtraction, multiplication,division),a bit of history and geography(of the France only).
"L'école primaire" is divided in 5 grades:CP,CE1,CE2,CM1,CM2

From the age of 11 to 14,children go to "collège"(yes,it is called like that) but it corresponds more to junior high school.You learn maths,physics,history,geography and a foreign language (most of the time it's english).There is also a lot of french lessons (study of books:novels,poetry...). There is one hour by week to discover music(this means classical music and learn playing whistle) and one hour by week to discover plastic arts(most of the time you are drawing).
The "collège" is divided in 4 grades:"sixième"(=6th),"cinquième"(=5th),"quatrième"(4th),"troisieme"(3rd).
In "quatième" you start to learn another foreign language(most of the time it is german or spanish).Students can also choose to learn Latin in "cinquième" and ancient Greek in "troisieme".
At the end of the "troisieme" student pass an exam to get "le brevet" but the dplom is not mandatory to continue to study.

After the "college" people can go to "lycée" or follow "la voie professionelle"(=the professinal way).
In "La voie professionelle",you learn a real job but it's often a manual work and a non prestigious job so parents prefer that their children go to "lycée".

The "lycée" correspond to the senior high school.It is divided in three grades:"seconde"(=2nd),"premiere"(=first)and "terminale".The lessons are the same than in "college" but there is no more music and plastic arts.In "premiere",you can choose to do more science,more litteracy or more economy.In "terminale" you do a bit of philosophy .At the end of the "Terminale",students pass the "baccalauréat"(often called bac).This diplom is mandatory to continue to study.With the "bac" you can go to "l'université"(wich is our name of the college) in BTS(I won't describe it myself) or in "prépa" an interesting french specificity.

"prépa" is the abbreviation for "classes préparatoires" wich means preparing grades.For two years,you study a lot and you learn a lot of things(most of them useless for your future)to pass competitive examinations.It allows you to enter in "les grandes écoles"(=the big scools) wich includes engineering schools,buisness schools,ENS(school that train searchers and college teachers),ENA(school that train polticians).These schools are the most prestigious studies in France.The "prépa" and the competitive exams allow to limit the number of people wich are entering those schools.

There is some things to add but my presentation is almost complete.If you are french and you want to add some things send me a message with your text and I will fill the blank.
I'm french and my english is not perfect,if someone want to correct the mistakes I made,he could send me a message.

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