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Hey people,if wanna know how to survive in Middle School this is the blog that you should be looking at!

Hey, If you wanna fit in the popular crowd listen up

* Get good grades! They always have you join if you get good grades

$ Don't EVER Talk Back. If teacher says something to you never talk back

@ Wear Cute Clothing Brands! You can wear clothes like: Abercronbie,Hollister, Baby Phat, Or Forever 21

# Hang Out. If you like them call them or make plans with them.

Girls Only
Hey ladies, if you wanna get a guys attention or be popular listen up!

:) Cheerleading- Sign up for it! It'll be great exercise,fitness, and you can get guys!

*** Makeup- Wear makeup to look more attractive and plus you dont have to wear the whole thing you can just wear mascara to pump up your eyelashes, even a little pink blush to make your cheeks a little rosey, or you can put on eyeshadow to make your eyes pop!

@@@@ Jewelery- Wear a little bracelates or necklace or somethink It'll make you shine!

$$$$ Hair- If you wanna become popular your hair has gotta be perfect! Do like a bun, Side or behind ponytale or even a french braide
Makeup tips for Girls

Black Haired Girls- Light or Dark blue eyeshadow, Mascara only 2 times, light pink blush, and pink sparkly lipgloss

Blonde- Red Lipstick, Purple Eyeshadow, Not so much Mascara

Red Head-Mascara only 2 times, light pink blush, and pink sparkly lipgloss, and green eyeshadow
Boyz Only
Hey Guys,if you wanna be cool then listen up

Clothes-Abercrombie,and Hollister

Accesories- Beanies, Rings,or Necklaces
How to get a girl

Fix your hair watch the twilight guy styles it could be really helpful

Flirting- Do not show it too much! Do not act nervous or fix your hair too much

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