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Antoa Presbyterian Primary School - Offinso

Presbyterian Primary is the name of my school. It is located at Offinso in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
We learn a lot of subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science
[for the upper primary] & Natural Science [for the lower primary] ,Ghanaian Language, Citizenship Education, Information & Communication Technology {I.C.T}, Physical Education, Religious & Moral Education, Creative Art and a lot more.

The school has a very conducive learning atmosphere. With very talented and experienced teachers, pupils find it very interesting to cope with the teaching and learning.

Antoa Presby Primary School take part in a lot of sporting competitions such as athletics, soccer and netball. The school also compete among sister schools on friendly clash.

It is of great pleasure for a child to come to explore at the school. Pupils who have passed out of the school always say a lot of good things about the school. Discipline and good conduct are our priority.

The girls wear blue dress with white belt. The boys also wear blue shirt and khirki short. There is a prescribed 'Friday wear' from Presbyterian Education Unit for the pupils to be used on Fridays only. Such is a very beautiful local cloth with Presbyterian name written boldly in it.

Presbyterian Primary School is a mission school. The presby chapel and the mission house are of the same premises alongside the school. The school football field separate the primary school from the Junior High School. The school is named after the community 'Antoa'. Hence 'Antoa Presbyterian Primary School' is the official name of the school.

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