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Joyce Kilmer School in NJ

Joyce Kilmer School
Otherwise known as Jk
Jk is home to the Junior Thunderbirds. Once you get to Ramapo Ridge your afficial a thunderbird.

Joyce Kilmer School
Here's a little about JK

About JK
Jk is an intermediate school. In Jk there are 4th and 5th graders. It is easier to have 2 grades because it's not that big of a school and it has leftover class rooms but if they added 1st-3rd or 6st-8th it would be to crowed. At one time Jk was a 3rd,4th,and 5th grade school but that was a long time ago.


Jk has lockers for all the student. All the lockers are in front of your homeroom teacher.You don't have a locker in front of your switch teacher. Jk also has lockers in the Girls/Boys locker room. At one time they did use them but for now they are empty.

As of 2010 Mrs.Gillman retired before Winter Break.So an interm principal Mr. Campbell took her place till the ede of the year. The Vice Principal is brand New. This is the Vice Principal... Mrs. Petho. She worked at the High School and it's her first time in an lower school. It turns out that Mrs. Petho will be Principal for 2010-2011 and maybe longer.

All the teachers are nice. But when they become strick that means they need to do what they need to do. As of 2010 there were 10 4th grade teachers and 12 5th grade teachers. But some teachers are retiring. Mostly the 3rd grades want Mr. Hayak because he is one of the most know teachers him and Mr. Rapp because there the only men 4th grade teachers.

There are many different activities students can choose to do. You can play an instrument, depending on which instrument you choose changes your daily activities. Also you can be in the chores. there are two different chores' 4th and 5th grade chores. Both on different days. You can be in clubs as well. Like the Art club. Then there are the after school activity. Jk has it's own news paper. It's called the Jk Times. There is a literary Journal called Trees. You would write stories and poetry and send it in unless your in Trees. There is a variety are choices of Activities.
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