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After celebration it's supposed to be burnt but she's so beautiful that she's been surviving for several years.

Eating pancakes. They're delicious!!!
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Russian Maslenitsa is a traditional holiday that lasts for a week. You can see a traditional Russian game "A stream".

It's a soap party. We're making soap. Coloured warm soap mass is being poured into forms.

Cutting soap mass to heat it.

Then there was disco with soap bubbles. It was really fun!!!

Autumn School of Witch Craft and Wizardry has begun. These young witches are very pretty, aren't they?

Scary face, isn't it?

History of Magic class. We're doing a hard test.

Transfiguration class - we're turning a cup into a mouse!!!

A witch is making a spell... Be quiet...Sh-sh-sh

Our trip to Tretyakov gallery. It looks amazing in the evening.

Vasiliev "Poplars lit by sunshine".

Savrasov "The rooks have flown back"

After the excursion we were so exhausted that plumped down on the pouffes and were lying till a museum worker began telling us off for our bad behaviour.

Our trip to Zhostovo. It's the place where Russian metallic trays are being made and painted.

A tray with fire-birds

I like this tray

Our trip to the Old English Court. It's where Russian-English relations began.

Down the old steep stairs

In the old cellar

This spring we went to the Moscow Zoo. These little polar bear cubs look so cute!

This golden eagle has been raised in the zoo from the egg. Now it is one year old and every day meets children at the entrance to the Sea Theatre.

This white tiger would be unlikely to survive in the wild nature. But at the Moscow zoo it's really a beauty.


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