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Hey.. My name's Sophie.
I was searching the web today and I clicked on Schools around the World, and under Great Britian there was no Coedcae!
So I thought why not make a website for Coedcae since we dont have one anyway.
Hope you enjoy :) Oh and sign the Guest Book :D
Sophie xo
Coedcae's New Year!

Another year is about to begin at Coedcae School here in Great Britian.
New pupils coming up, people getting set for they're exams, and the class of 2008!
We hope you all done well in your exams and that the year 11's had good marks!
As some people are aware there is a new law that is being set.. there is now a year 12!
The pupils expected to stay another year only count on from this year's year 8.
However, you can eitherwise leave in year 11 if you go straight into employment.
The government has made sure that you cant leave in year 11 without getting a job, so that pupils dont quit school and go straight on the "dole" which is basically living expenses for poor and unworking people. This payment only provides around 70 which isnt that much if you have a family to care for.. so remember to wait untill your 20's to have kids! Unless you get a good job!

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