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Luver of Miley Cyrus

Here is a pic of
miley Cyrus! Let me tell you what I know about Miley! Ok!

Here is a pic of miley and the hottest Jonus Bro!
Her fav ceral is Lucky charms
She is afraid of spiders
Her hidden talent is her monkey voice
She has a bad habit of biting her nails
She has a dog named Tex
She loves chinese food
Her fav season is Summer
Her fav sport is cheerleading
Her fav color is pink
She starting singing at age 6
She had to have braces put on her teeth in early 2006, but because the dentist's was able to hide them by putting on the other side of her teeth, no one notices them.
she loves to go running and bike riding.
She loves to listen to the sound of the rain
She thinks that 1:00 AM is the best time of the day.
She says that dogs are her favorite kind of animals
She likes to listen to pop & rock music
Her favorite movie is "Steel Magnolia's
Her celebrity crush is Ryan Cabrera
Her favorite cookie is a sugar cookie

Go to Mileyworld.com to sign up today! Ok! If you do sign up you get sneak peeks, you will be the 1st one to know about concert tickets! And alot more! Hope you go there!

There is her dad and her!

Left: Her brother, Left middle: Her Big sister, Right middle: Miley, Right: Her Dad

Theres her mom and her

She is mostly ALWAYS in the J-14 mag!

For coming to my site! Come again cause I will have new facts and new pics!!

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