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All about my lover boy Josh Hutcherson!!!!!!

♥My Lover Boy Josh Hutcherson♥

Hottie Alert! Oh and look at the top for my survey and take it please!

The amazing, "Bridge to Terribithia". Wow it hurts to see him with another girl :(

Josh Ryan Hutcherson has been in like tons of movies some are: "Bridge to Terribithia" and, "Zathuria" and, "Max Keeble's big move" and, "Toy Story" and even, "The Polar Express" I mean this kid is BIG!

OMFG! Even in ," Little Manhatten" look! He's right on the cover!

Love You!

How wouldn't think he's hot?


Is something happened to him I WOULD DIE TO BE WITH HIM!
Now you all have seen him so now you need to know him.


Girlfriend: Sadly, Shannon

Favorite Game System: x Box 360

Eye Color: Hazel with some Blue

Type of Girl: Nice personality and not popular and snobby just unique

Favorite Fast Food: Burger King

School: None, Home-schooled

Favortie movie he has been in: Zathuria

Favorite Team: Cinccinatis

Favorite Breakfast: Oatmeal

Favorite Lunch: Burger King

Favorite Dinner: Spagetti and Saugage

Favorite Color: Red

Favortie Style: Aerocrombie & Fitch

Favortie thing to do at home: Hang out with Friends

Religion: Too personal for him to say

Siblings: Connor, 10

Favorite Kind of Music: Rap

Dream Date: Annesophia lol jkjk He doesn't really know

Favorite Sport To Do: Acting

Website: www.joshhutcherson.com

Contest: Send him a letter and he will promise to sen you back a signed picture of him not a copy or stamp his real autograph don't beleive me? Go to his site above!

Also sadly he doesn't have a myspace at the time so if you find someone on myspace with his name its a poser.........sorry to have to tell you.
What I need to Know is what I like about him. I really don't know!!!! Is it his eyes? His shaggy hair or just his beautiful beautiful eyes? His great personality or what? That guys is hot!

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All about my lover boy Josh Hutcherson!!!!!! (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Lauren - USA

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