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list of songs ! you gotta know!
moratic by dvsk
purple line by dvsk
survivor by dvsk
keep your head down by dvsk
rising sun by dvsk
tri-angle by dvsk
hug by dvsk by dvsk
o holly night by dvsk
the way you are by dvsk
somebody to love by dvsk
my destiny by dvsk
show me your love by dvsk
break out by dvsk
toki o tometo by dvsk
wrong number by dvsk
ballons by dvsk
my little princess by dvsk


DOUBLE CUTIE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are going to school how cool

there sooooooo cute in here anime form! cute!!!!!!!!!!!

here is he pic i said i wuld get

i am going to try to get u guys a good photo of them in there costumes


well before they split up, they made alot of music videos well one of there funniest videos was ballons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oke if u havent seen it U MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u go to youtube and then type balloons by dvsk music video! its funny they dress up in animal costumes !LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it always gets my friends laughing they wont stop for a hour it may not make u guys laugh but .............(we like to make fun of there costumes)


the last but not leats mr.U-KNOW. oke he reminds me of my friends that moved her name was rosie and her lil sis cat.she didnt like guys so we teased her of likeing U-KNOW because she said he was the best dancer lol, then we started saying U-KNOW I LIKE PEASE OR U-KNOW I LIK U TOO! eny way if u mention the name she turns beat red.



i think he is the best looken of all of them !!!!!!!!!!! well eny way! back too him!
he was the youngest of them all.he now plays on shows,he is a solo singer and actor. in 2008 the 19 year old max and the band members released one of there hits moratic.i love u max ..... ooooooopppps i just said it out loud


sorry to say not one of the cutest fellas but he has looks i must say! he loves to play the piano in his spare time!
after the band split he bcame a solo singer but his occupations are Singer-actor-model fun-songwritter-dancer-composr. he has a older fraternal twinn brother named junho. LOVE


calm,cool and collective micky is one of the most best looken member! GO MICKY!!!!!!!@('-')@ he is most likely the one to go to if ur having a problem and need somone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the oldest of the dvsk members!!!!!!!!!! even thought he was adopted he went for his dream at a young age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST- he went to a try out for a singing career! then ended up meeting the rest of the gang! oh,there is a rumor that he has only had one gf or he hasent at all.....????!!!!!!!!!


how many of u know the dvsk members? i know i do! but we can get to that later.DVSK members describe the word hot!!!!! how many agree with me?/// if u dont know them go to youtube look up DVSK moratic i think its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! @('-')@ sadly they were forced to break up, because of the way they were paid! well now they are touring the North America!!!!!!!!! learn secrets,email me a haasbeh@yahoo.com


oke we all know by now that they split but they are really good friends still, i mean its not like they wanted to split up its just there company only paid them,10 percet tha doesnt seem really fair to me?????? RIGHT???????? only three of them made a new band called JYJ!!!!!! they are touring north America! there hit single(wich it took them a long time to learn english lol)is AYY GIRL WITH KAINYE WEST! man does he rap!

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