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Ola chavos soy anahi aka anny de RBD.This is my second blog on SOTW aka students of the world after RBD Blog here on SOTW.Well rebelde just here to tell you that i'm real i'm not one of those fans or ppl that fake to be me i do not like that because if they where my real fan they wont be me.Ok well rebelde i have fun singing for you and thank you.Kisses bye rebeldes[loved]-RBD-anahi

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Anahí Giovanna Puente Portillo
Date of Birth: 14th May 1983
Place of Birth: Mexico City
Zodiacal Sign: Taurus

anahi's Details

Status: Single
Here for: Friends and to meet Fans
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Mexico,D.F.
Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

YO EN MI 8 años, con MI hermana Marichelo

YO en 1992, a los 9 años participó en la novela "Angeles sin Paraíso"

YO EN MI 10 años de edad, en 1993

YO Anahí participó en la telenovela "Alondra", 1995.

YO Anahí a los 15 años en la novela "Vivo por Elena"

YO Anahí en 1999, EN MI 16 años, al comienzo de la novela "Primer Amor: A Mil por Hora"

YO Anahí a los 17 años, al final de la novela "Primer Amor: A mil por Hora".

YO Anahí en el 2000, cuando YO sacó MI disco solista "Baby Blue".

YO Anahí después del problema de anorexia que tuvo y que afortunadmente salió adelante. Aquí con mis amigos en el 2002: Jorge D'Alessio, su hermana Marichello y Mariana Avila.

YO Anahí al principio de la telenovela "Rebelde" en donde nterpreta a Mía, 2005

YO Anahí en la reunión final para ver el último capítulo de "Rebelde"

My Career:
I started my career at the age of two in the program "Chiquilladazas" and during many years I was the image of a well-known soft drink brand. Besides, the song "Te Doy Un Besito", interpreted by the singer was used to close the daily children's programming of Channel 5 in Mexico.
I also participated in movies such as "Nacidos Para Morir" with Humberto Zurita, "Había Una Vez Una Estrella" with David Reynoso and Pedro Fernández,and among others.

From my early age I did several television jobs, surprising everybody by her charisma and innate artistic quality. Some of the programs I participated in were: "Chiquillada", "Mujer Casos De La Vida Real", "Hora Marcada", "La Telaraña".

I to also participated in "Clase 406 " (2nd Season). I not only won people's acknowledge but I has also obtained several awards such as the Ariel award after her acting in the film "Había Una Vez Una Estrella" in 1991, and in that same year I won the Gold Palm Award for her career as a young actress.

Now me Anahí is now a member of the soap opera Rebelde's cast and a member of RBD.
* Anahi *

*[[YA LLEGO AL FIN]]!! Mi tienda de 'Moda Colucci' ya esta desponible en el [[internet]] para todos ustedes, mis fans, que no pueden ir a la tienda personalmente en Mexico.[[Los amo]]!![[hay les va: www.anahiworld.com...disfruten mis REBELDES]]!!*

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