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Birthplace:Franklin, Tennessee. Birthdate:November23,1992 Siblings:5,Christoper half brother, older step brother, Trace. Older step sister, Brandi, and yonger half siblings, Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey. Real name : Destiny Hope Cyrus. Miley's name changed because her dad Billy Ray Cyrus always called her smiley and soon it changed to miley so she is now know as nickname: Miley Cyrus. Miley's fav. sport is cheerleading and volley ball. hieght:5'4. Weight:90-105. Miley has though had the pressure to gain weight from her fans and producers and coriographers from the show Hanna montana are saying just the oppisite. Fav food: Chinese food. Fav cereal: Lucky Charms. Fav subject:math and creative thinking. Fav color: pink. Hidden talent: talkin like a monkey. Fav show: Laguna Beach. Worst habbit: Bitting Nails. fav singers: Kelly Clarckson and Ashley Simpson. Hair color: Light Brown. Eye color: Blue. Boyfriend: Nick Jonas

aww look miley do u think miley and nick look like a good couple?

Miley loves to talk bout her amazing show Hanna Monta cause on her first eposode she had over 5 million viewiers!

Miley as Hanna Montana!!!

OMG!! This is MILEY's Actual Signature!!!

Do u like this pic of miley as Hanna Montana?? I think she looks just a little weird. (No offense Miley u'r still my fav actress of ALL time)

Miley says shes a total daddy's girl! They r closer now that they are both on the show Hanna Montana though.

WHO LOVES HANNA MONTANA? WHO LOVES MILEY CYRUS? I know i do so now u can write her at: Miley Cyrus c/o BRC spirit P.O. Box 1206 Fanklin tn. 37065 USA so don't just sit there write her after u finish lookin at my site!!!!

Younge Miley Cyrus how cute as a 8 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanna does have her funny days on Disney channel! but hey at least she likes to have a good time.

Hanna and some of her BFF's before she was famous she will always have a place in her heart for them ! she so sweet i wish she was my bff!

Miley also as you know it plays on DC games Green team she was just recently MVP of the week. WAY 2 GO MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley loved the movie HSM cause Zac and Ashley were in it two really good friends but does Miley like Zac more then a friend?
[picture not found]

If u want any of these pics or just to hang out on the computer go to Mileycyrus.com

Bye hope u enjoyed this Miley Cyrus site!!!!!
OK OK just 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 more pics then were done.

I'm sorry i just love to look at little miley she's so CUTE

Bye for now i hope u enjoyed the Miley Cyrus blog!!!

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