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Zoey's Friends

This Is Zoey Brookes
With her combination of brains and beauty, Zoey is definitely someone you'd want to hang with. Zoey's a quick thinker who's constantly saving the day with her smarts and problem solving skills. She's totally down-to-earth, but nothing can stop her from standing up for her beliefs. Luckily, Zoey's got enough spunk and charm to win over just about everyone she meets. She's gonna need them as one of the first girls in a formerly all-boys boarding school!

Nicole is Zoey’s roommate and best girl friend. Nicole's a bundle of energy who's extremely peppy and talks a mile a minute¡Xoh, and she's a tad boy-crazy too. But Nicole is also very loyal and trustworthy, and Zoey knows she can always count on her when she needs a friend.

Chase's roommate Logan is by far the best-looking guy on campus¡Xjust ask him. Logan is extremely condescending, totally self-absorbed and not really big on the whole girls at PCA thing. Oh, he's into girls, he's just not into them taking up space on campus or trying out for sports teams¡Xand he'll be the first one to tell them that. Right after he mentions how hot he is...

Chase is the lovable "boy next door"¡Xwhether he wants to be or not. He's considerate, thoughtful, funny and always there for his pals. Chase is the ultimate best guy friend for Zoey, which is cool, except for the fact that he's got a major crush on her. Not that he'd ever admit it...

Quinn is brilliant in a mad scientist kind of way. Her room doubles as a science lab and her extra-curricular activities include inventing contraptions (a.k.a. "Quinnventions") and then testing them out on unsuspecting classmates. You could say Quinn puts the "Q" in quirky because you never know what she'll come up with next. Sure Quinn's a little different from her classmates, but she kind of prefers it that way...

Zoey and Nicole were terrified about getting a new roommate this semester. But once they got to know the real Lola Camacho, the girls quickly realized she was one of them. Smart, spunky, and cute as a button, Lola can fit in with any crowd. And while she loves being at PCA, Lola's real dream is to ride her acting talents all the way to Hollywood, where she's destined to become a big-time movie star

Michael is Chase’s best friend and roommate. Michael's a jokester who's not afraid to tell it like it is, which sometimes produces hilarious results. But all joking aside, Michael's a really good guy who would do anything for his friends. Seriously!

Dustin is the perfect little brother because he really does love his big sister Zoey. But Dustin has a way of getting into sticky situations and winding up over his head. Luckily, he's a savvy kid who's able to talk himself out of most messes. That is, if big sis Zoey doesn't get there first¡Xwhether Dustin wants her to or not...
Zoey's back for her second year at the formerly all-boys boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy. A new year means new classes, new adventures, new friends...and even a new roommate. Go back to school with Zoey, Chase, Nicole, Michael, Logan, Lola, Quinn, Dustin and the rest of the PCA student body! (TV Y7)

Lola and Nicole

Logan and Chase

Nicole and Micael

The movie Spring Break up #1

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