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Im Dylan Sprouse Old Girlfriend ( chelsa is not cole and dylan girlfriend i know there Girlfriend

me to the left and Dylan to the right.

my cousin Justina.

My little Sister Anna.She has a crush on cole see shes blushing.
full name:Olivia Marie Rogers
birth place:pasadena,california
hair color:reddish brown
height:4ft 10
eye color:brown
fav color:purple
fav store:Justice and Limited too
Where i live:San fernando,California
Siblings: 1 sister, Anna Monique Rogers 7 yrs old
fave hairstyle:2 ponytails braided
My Siter's Bio
Full name:Anna Monique Rogers
birth place:San francisco,California
fave color:pink
height:3ft 7
hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
fav store:Toys r us,Marshall,Chuckie chesse
Grade:1st grade
Where i live:San Fernando,California
Siblings:1 sister Olivia 12 yrs old
fav hairstyle:Hair down straight with headband

Listen girls!!!!!!!!!!!you girls out there who love dylan and cole sprouse.dont!!!!they r dum a**.they dumped me to go with ALYSON STONER.Alyson only likes them because she wants to make all u girls jealous of her.She says she can dance but she cant she dances like that on tv but when shes with me she can dance worth a s***.or sing.she claims that shes a tomboy.NOT!!!!!!!she dosent play basketball,football,baseball Nothing.she paints her nails play with dolls makeup to make her look pretty without makeup she lookes like a trashbag.so ladies how like her yall r stupid.but ladies who dont we need to start a protest who ever sees this blogs who dosent like alyson stoner create a blog with my name on there and let it say how stupid alyson and the spouse boys r.im telling yall the truth.i live next door to alyson and my cousin Corina s house is next door to the sprouse bros.alyson life is just a lie.and she wants me to keep a secret please no.well im dont keep secrects about her.take this warning.and ladies dont fall for dylan and cole.yall need a man who will love u even though there is a girl that lies and says things that r not true to make your man like them.i know all u girls r beatiful,nic e,and need some nice boys to take care of u.u need something better.

remember what i said if dylan and coel sprouse ever ask u out.
New Today
dylan and cole sprouse r being dragged in by alyson stoners spell for them to like her and its kinda working.So i hired 2 cute friends of mine to date them guess who it is.Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) and Emily Osment(Lilliy troscott). Miley has cole and emily has dylan.They dont like the spros. bros but they need to pretend to.Dylan and cole think emily and miley like them so cole and dylan r gonna like them back.Alyson is gonna be PISSED when she finds out!!!!!!!!!!!!SWEET!!!!!!!LOL!!!!then emily and miley r gonna ask dylan and cole secrets about ALYSON and things(AYLSON)and other things ALYSON.GO TO WWW.ALYSONSTONER.COM OR WWW.ALYSON-STONER.COM.to get some dirt and help me catch that lieing whore in action this is gonna be off the hook.well bye gotta finish planning the plan.LOL get it planning the playing!!!LOL o whateva.Bye

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Im Dylan Sprouse Old Girlfriend ( chelsa is not cole and dylan girlfriend i know there Girlfriend (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Olivia - USA

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