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Don`t fall off!

I think Cole knows that he`s all that!
[picture not found]

Cole is so nice to little people


Look @ this face,how could he possibly get any hotter.

my other URL is 7335

Cole is sooooooo HOTT

You do know where this photo was taken right?

Cole Sprouse or(Good Hair man)
He`s so FINE.

The Suite life`s Election
Who would You Elect?

Check out Dylan&Cole`s new magazine for teen boys(SprouseBros)I comes out July 18,2006.But that doesn`t mean girls can`t buy it.Cause I am.

I`m 12,and I still think Sulley is creapy.

Awww,they look so small.

Cole`s updated Look

I thought he had pull-out braces,not the ones he`s wearing on the back of his mouth right now,but I like his buck teeth

Rumors(True or False)I have your answers
Dylan wants to find that one special girl.__TRUE
Cole has wanted an Alienware lap-top for 3 years__TRUE
Skyler Samuels likes Dylan&Cole__FALSE
Dylan is dating Jamie Lynn Spears<__FALSE
Cole just can`t seem to stick with 1 girl.<__TRUE
Dylan has araqniphobia?(fear of spiders)__TRUE
Dylan cheats on all his girlfriends<__FALSE
Cole &Alyson broke up<__TRUE_finally
Cole would never date a mean bully girl.__TRUE
Dylan is 10 mins older than Cole.__FALSE
Cole likes seeing things in a girls point-of-view__TRUE
Cole`s ideal TSL epis..is when they go back in time__TRUE

If Dylan or Cole comes to this site,I want to know if you still remember me? MACI,I`m the girl who saw FREE TIPPY being filmed(closed set)
and Dylan,when you asked me a question,sorry I didn`t answer you at first,but,It was kind of a SHOCK moment fo me.I was so embarrassed!

I miss those days,thinking their adorable.
But I just look on the bright side.
But now their HOTT!!!

Which twin do you like better?
Email me the results @ the bottom of the page?
The results will be held on May 19,06
I U don`t vote now,I won`t have any results to give,so far I have 7

Dylan & Cole Sprouse in 2004.
And I thought they were short now!

For more updates on their new look,check out www.SprouseBros.com

Now,if your wondering,no he isn`t a model,but if he wanted to be he would have my vote!

Dylan looks hott,Cole would look a lot hotter without the cigarette,He knows better than that.

If you like Dylan&Cole,This is the site for you,if you need to know a certain thing about them,but you can`t seem to find it anywhere else.Email me below and tell me what is is that you want to know.

I wonder what will happen if I press this button?


Dylan Thomas Sprouse
Siblings: Cole Sprouse
Celeb Crush: Angelina Jolie
Color: Orange
Clothing item: Volcom
Subject: sciencesports team: Lakers
Read:Where`s waldo
Video game:Yushi
Music:Sum 41,Shkira,Poison,kiss,Guns&Roses
Homeschooled by 7th grade
Movie:Hedgwig&The angry Inch
Shoe size: 6
Food:chineese/anything that`s good
candy:gapanise gummies
T.V.sit-com:Dexteers Laboratory.
Comics are his thing
Hobbies: motorcross,snowboarding,skateboarding,
Is 15 minutes older than Cole.
He thinks it would be cool to be a jellyfish,
so he could sting people.
Appearences without Cole(I saw mommy Kissing Santa Claus.
He was known for the boy who wore at least 1 orange
thing each day.
He likes girls who are at his level.

Cole Mitchell Sprouse
Siblings: Dylan Sprouse
Celeb Crush: Cathreine Zeta Jones
Specialty: Cooking
Color: Black&Blue
Clothing item: Val-Surf
T.V.sit-com:Family Guy
Music:Shakira,Missy Elliot,Eminem
School:Homeschooled by 7th grade
Subject: Math
Eye Color:Green/Blue
Movie:Little shop of Horrors.
Hair Color:Blond
Shoe Size:6
Hobbies:surfing,snowboarding,sk8boarding & silly-string fights.
Food:Shrimp Scampi-Steak
Sports team>The Uta Jazz
Video game:Legend Of Zelda
Candy: Musketeers
Reads:greek Mythology
What you don`t know about him: touch his hair,and you`ll pay.LOL
He once ate chocolate covered ants.
Starred on the TV sit-com friends(without Dylan)
He also loves to cook.

Both Twins
Hometown:-Arezzo,Tuscany Italy
Parents:Matthew & Melanie Sprouse
Location now:Santa Monica,CA
First started acting @ 6 months old.

Info on me:
I`m a 12 year old girl who knows the twins,I first met them on Aug.30,05,I can`t give out their email adress,but I will tell you It is on yahoo.


THe Suite LIfe of Zack&Cody Episodes.By MAci
Ist season
Hotel Hangout
Fairest of Them all
Maddie Checks Inn.
Hotel inspector
23rd Floor
Prince& the Plunger
A Prom Story
Band in Boston
Cody goes to camp
To catch a thief
MAd,MAd,MAd Hotel
Poor little rich girl
Romeo& Juliet
Big Hair& Baseball
Rock ster in the house
Ghost in Suite 613
Dad`s back
Christmas@the Tipton
Pilot your own life
Commercial Breaks
Boston Holiday
Season 2
Odd Couples
French 101
Day Care
Heck`s Kitchen
Free Tippy
Forever Plaid
Moseby`s big Brother
Not so Suite 16
Twins@The Tipton
Neither a borrower nor a speller bee
The Suite smell of excess
Kept Man
What the Hey
Have a nice trip
Midnight summer
Birdman of summer
Going for the gold
Boston Tea Party
Ask Zack

[picture not found]

He is driving me crazy!
because he`s so fine.

Now,I know I`m not the only one who sings along to(A Dream is a Wish).You know you do To.If not,just agree,or I`ll look like a fool.

Wow,and I thought I was in shape!

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