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Whitney Forbey, And her Cousins Dylan and Cole Sprouse!!!!!!!

It's Whitney Forbey!{she got a makeover}. Her latest photo shoot. She was advertising.

Name: Whitney Forbey Birthdate: Janruary 17, 1994 How she became famous: Cole and Dylan Sprouse helped her out by hooking her up with some auditions like commercials, than small parts on t.v. shows. Whitney said, her first break was when she got a small part as an extra on Harrry Potter and the Sorcerros Stone. "I was so happy to get that part and it was fun with all thoughs kids". {Q}"So we hear that your related to Cole and Dylan, How does that feel?" {Whitney'>A}"They are my cousins and its great to be related to them, they also helped me get auditions". {Q} "Have you done any projects with them?"{Whitney'>A}"Well, I guest starred on their show for the first two episodes and I was also in their movie,"The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things". {up top in picture is her cousins,Dylan and Cole Sprouse}

If you want to know more about Whitney Forbey stay tuned for more interveiws This month.{here are some pictures of Cole and Dylan Sprouse}

Here are some pics from their movie,"The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things"

And if you want to win an autograph from both Whitney and The Sprouse Bros please email me at forbeyjr2012@hotmail.com.{I LOVE WHITNEY FORBEY AND COLE N'DYLAN SPROUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Whitney Forbey's latest interveiw for my magazine for this month,{coming soon'>Q}"So you have been working on a cd, how has that been?"{Whitny>A}"Yes,it's been so good,and it's my first cd, its feeled with pop, There is this one song called "I can't take my eyes off of you", a duet with Cole Sprouse!, which is great for me cause we are just friends, but really good ones and just to let you know he isn't going out with anyone and he said he won't go out with any fans".
hey,Whitney Forbey fans, guess what, i found Whitney's diary online[official site]and i am downloading it on her so Watch for her diary on the blog.
Whitney Forbey's Diary
Dear Diary{fans},
Today I had a photo shoot with Cole and Dylan Sprouse[my cousins]. It was great! Then I went out to lunch with them. Later, I auditioned for a new movie called "Fated Hearts". Its about a young girl who falls in love at the age of 14 years old. She falls in love with two boys and she doesn't know who to choose from. Cole Sprouse auditioned for one of the parts and this guy named Mike Scranton auditioned for another part. They said they would call me back the next day if I got the part. I am waiting til' tommorow. Well, I also have to go to church tommorow so i have to get some sleep, goodnight.
Whitney Forbey
{Whitney's diary, new entry}
Dear Diary,
Guess What! I got the part! I just called Cole and he got the part too! We are so exited and We are not going to start filming it in May so it'll be awhile. Cole and Dylan are going to have me on the show this month for some episodes, plus I guess starred on the second season{the episodes premiering this week}. Well I am getting ready to leave to go to the set and I'll be working with them this week.Well, I got to go.
Whitney Forbey

{I love this picture}
Dear Diary,
Sorry i haven't been typing much,I have been so busy. I am working on a T.v. show! Guess what, MY set of MY new T.V. show is right by The Hannah MOntana set. ANd the set is by That's So Raven set and THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY! so I get to see them every week, we only work on set from Mon-Fri. so it's great. I have also been in the recording studio a lot. I go every monday from 1:00 - 3:00. So Mondays are my busiest days. My schedule for the week is right here:MOnday TuesDay Wednesday Thursday
8:30-12:00 Work on set Work on set work on set work on set
1:00-3:00 record in studio private schooling private schooling private schooling
3:30-5:30 private schooling shopping singing lessons shopping
8:30-12:00 work on set
1:00-3:00 press confrence on red carpet
3:30-5:30 private schooling
yours always,
Whitney Forbey
If you write a comment in the forum you will get opening auditions and casting calls for Disney Channel shows like "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", "That's So Raven", and "Hannah Montana"! So if you want to know you got a show your name and email address on the forum! Become a star like Miley Cyrus {Hannah Montana}!
Shout Outs!
Hey, Whitney Forbey is Soooo Coool, everyone should like her and she has a lot of fans, she is soo cool, even people in England like her!-Jessica/Lacy_USA/England

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Whitney Forbey, And her Cousins Dylan and Cole Sprouse!!!!!!! (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Paige - USA

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