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Whitney Forbey and her cousins Dylan and Cole Sprouse plus best friends!

Whitney Forbey and Cole Sprouse!
Here is Whitney and Cole! Aren't they so cool.
Whitney's Fan Messages
Britanny-Whitney Forbey, I love you and you are so popular, i wish I could meet you!

Whitney Forbey was born Janurary 17 1994 and is Cousins with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. She has been acting since she was 4 yearsold. Whitney is currently working on a cd now that will be coming out next october or November. She has also guest starred on "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", "That's So Raven", and " Lizzie McGuiere". {Recent interveiw'>Q}"What are some projects that you have been working on this year?".{Whitney'>A}"Well I have been working on a couple of movies and my own cd, also, I have guest starred on "Zoey 101" recently". {Q}"Do you ever have time for friends and family?"{Whitney'>A}"Ofcourse, I mostly hang out with Cole and Dylan, they're like my brothers".{Q}"So do you hang out on their set of "The Suite Life"?"{Whitney'>A}'Yes, a lot, I'm usally either a guest star or an extra on the show". {Q}"Do you have very many fans?"{Whitney'>A}"Yes, Its like where ever I go there is someone,but i enjoy it".

Name: Whitney Paige Forbey Birthdate: Janruary 17, 1994 Projects in the past & future: "Friends"{Guest star}1999,"Harry Potter and The Socceros Stone"{Extra}2001,"Lizzie McGuier"{Guest star}2002,Commercial{Cookies & Cream Poptarts'>Lead}2002,"That's So Raven"{Guest Star}2003,"Gilmore Girls"{Guest star}2003,"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"{Fairest of them all'>Guest star}2004,"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"{Boston Holiday'>Guest star}2005,"Zoey 101"{Guest Star}2006, and a couple short films, plus a cd in progress. Family: Mom,Christina,Dad,Christopher,sister,Halee,brother,Cole,cousins,Cole&Dylan Sprouse,and sister. Daily schedule: {from sources} 6:30a.m.getup and dressed,8:00a.m.schooling to 10:30a.m.,11:00a.m.lunch,12:30p.m.work on set til'3:00p.m.,3:00p.m.hang out {with dylan&cole}. email fanmail to forbeyjr2012@hotmail.com phone#-Unknown,Fanmail by letter:{address}Marville,MO,64468,514 N.Filmore St.{Hometown}Curent town:Los Angelos,CA.{Enter in the contest to get your own autograph by entering in the Guest book.
Whitney Forbey's personalty: She is like a Drama Queen and she is really nice and a great actress. She is a new star yet she has been doing her job since she was 4 or 5 years old. Celeberties she has met: Britney Spears,Hilary Duff,Jojo,and Jesse McCartany. Favorite Stores: Maurices,Debs,and Limited Too.
Favorite Shows: "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody",Gilmore Girls,and Drake and Josh.

Whitney is also Friends with Ashley Tisdale and Brenda song.

Don't forget to sign in to the guestbook and also put your address on there. So you can win an autograph from Whitney Forbey,plus a bonus prize,an autograph from the sprouse Brothers!!!!!!!!

Whitney Forbey's March interveiw!
{Q}"So What have you been doing lately?"{A>Whitney}"Well I've been working on set and off, I have guess starred on some new episodes of TSL{next month episodes}, And I've been working on a cd that will come out in October or November."{Q}"What kind of songs are on your cd?"{A}"Well lots of songs including a duet with Cole Sprouse,{he's a good singer}.{Q}"Do you have any way of any fans contacting you by email, phone, address, or meetings?"{A}"Well I can't garuntee that but I am having a friend/fan make a blog where I can read comments that the fans have to say, I can't give out a phone#, address, or a meeting."{Q}"Are you really Cole and Dylan Sprouse's cousin?"{A}"Yes, we hang out a lot."{Q}Since you don't have time to meet fans and have meetings{& fans}, so how can fans get your autograph?" {A}"Well, they can email my agent their address and their request, My agent's email address is forbeyjr2012@hotmail.com."

{I am the friend/fan in the interveiw!} That is just half of the interveiw. MY friend, Miranda, has a blog about her too,{we are both fans}, she even has her online diary! I would download it too, but Miranda would get mad,{she wants it for her own blog}. Well enjoy.

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Whitney Forbey and her cousins Dylan and Cole Sprouse plus best friends! (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Whitney Jenson - USA

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