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Hey All You Ashley Tisdale Fan's
and some who don't know her you
might recognize her as "maddie"
on the "Suite Life of Zack and
Cody". Or as Sharpay on "The
High School Musical".
Fell free to surf my blog I hope you like it and
if you didn't know about Ashley Tisdale hopefully
by the end of this blog you will know every fact
about her.
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About the character from the Disney
Channel sitcom "The Suite Life of
Zack and Cody".

Ashley Tisdale as Maddie
Maddie is a girl
who is very simple.
She is the candy
clerk at the Tipton.
She sometimes
has problems with Zack
he flurts with
her and she tries
so hard to make
to make the most money she can.
She is friends with the spoiled
rich daughter of the owner of
Tipton London Tipton. She has to
do things for the hotel manager
Mr. Mosbey
Maddie lives
in a suite at
the Tipton
with her
is just
like a
She is
very smart
and can sing
also. She is
the basic idea
of an average

London Tipton is a spoiled rich teen. who is the daughter of the owner of the Tipton Hotel. She tries to learn from Maddie(ashley tisdale) how normal people r. She is self-centered and only cares about her dog and of course herself.

Zack Martin is played by Dylan Sprouse he is the olest of zack and cody. Zack is the troublemaker and he flirts with Maddie the candy girl. Zack, Cody and they're mom Kerry live at the Tipton Hotel because they're mom sings at the Tipton Hotel. Zack makes mischief and forces Cody to do his homework for him.
He comes up with schemes that het the 2 twins in trouble with the hotel manager Mr. Mosbey. I luv the suite life

Cody is smart and sweet.
he is the youngest
and he alway's get's
caught up in zack's schemes
and plans.
Cody is played by Cole Sprouse
Ashley Tisdale photo's

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Pic's

If you want to take up a career like singing or acting you can go
to instantcasts.com.
Or if you want more on Ashley Tisdale you can go to
www.ashleytisdale.com for the offical web page and bio
on her and a totally cool photo gallery.

How much do you know about Ashley Tisdale? Take the quiz and and find out!!!!
(use pen and paper)

1. What is Ashley Tisdale's sister's name?
(a) Brittany
(b) Jeniffer
(c) Kelly

2. What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite color?
(a) Blue
(b) orange
(c) pink

3. What kind of dog does Ashley Tisdale have?
(a) maltipoo
(b) poodle
(c) border collie

4. What is the dog's name:
(a) Cookie
(b) blondie
(c) Jakey

5. Who is Ashley Tisdale's favorite music group?
(a) Jesse mcarney
(b) Hilary Duff
(c) "The Used"
(d) Black Eyed Peas

6. What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite food?
(a) mac and cheese
(b) Shrimp
(c) Sushi and Pizza

7. What show does Ashley Tisdale star in?
(a) LIzzie McGuire
(b) The Suite LIfe of Zack and Cody
(c) The OC

8. What Disney Channel movie has Ashley Tisdale recently stared in?
(a) High School Musical
(b) Cowbell's
(c) Motorcrossed

9. What is Ashley Tisdale's favortie book?
(a) Where's Waldo
(b) Troll Fell
(c) The Great Gatsby
(d) none of the above


If you got those answers correct ur a tru ashley tisdale fan
If u got 2 wrong ur a big fan
If you gor 3 wrong ur a good fan
If you got 4 wrong ur a fan
you got 5 wrong you're a fan she's ok but not the best
If you got 6 wrong
ur just a fan of the suite
suite life of zakc and cody
of you got 7 wrong ur a fan
of quizzes but not Ashley
If u got 8 wrong ur a big
fan but not of Ashley
If you got 9 wrong u don't
even know who ahley is.
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Here's a pic of Ashley Tisdale on the KTLA morning news
she talked about the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and she
talked abou the High School Musical. She alos sang and
did part of the news. how cool would that of been to do

I just wanted to say Ashley Tisdale is my role model and my inspiration and Ashley if you ever come to this sight e-mail me at the bottom. And others who surf this sight I encourage you to send me an e-mail to to tell me what you know about ashley tisdale or to tell me about my blog to improve it and if it is good or not. Well I hope you enjoyed my blog for more info. on Ashley Tisdale
visit the official web site ashleytisdale.com bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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