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H2O Just Add Water
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H2O Forever and Always!

Me personally I love h2o caz it's mostly about Freindship!

But here are some other reasons and stuff!

Okay now they don't just have mermaid tails they have powers!
These are the main powers!

Cleo (The frizzy brown haired girl with light skin)has the power to mold water!
Rikki( The frizzy blond haired girl)has the power to boil water!
Emma(The straight blond haired girl)has the power to freeze water!
Charlotte(The straight brown haired girl)has all of Emma Rikki and Cleo's powers!
Bella(The straight bloned haired girl) has the power to make jello!

Cleo,Emma,and Rikki all got mermaid tails on the same day well it was the night before,they got lost on mako island they fell in the hole and then when they saw the moon pool they jumped in and the full moon came over it. when it was done they went home.
Charlotte is another story when she found out her granny was one she went to the moon pool to be one. but she was mean one night they all saw the full moon they used there powers to make her human again.
Bella she became one when she was 9. She was Ireland her parents were working so she went exploaring she found a cave where the moon would shine through were it opens and it had a pool it was a full moon she went in there when it shined in the pool.

Bella at 9!

Charlotte as a mermaid!

Here is a pic.

Bella and Will
Love at first sight.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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