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Jakie Chan is a famous actor from China; he is working in very films one film with jakie chan is "the karate kid" he is a very good actor is nice, funny and good person.

He is very very good singer beacause he is beautiful, My favorite song is BUY BUY

They are the brothers Osment,she is famous for the series hanna montana because her best friend Lili and he is famous for films such as string or sixth serntido fabor ...

He is very very fun

They names are Jamie Lin Spear and Britney Spear

He is a famous football player of spain he is very very good

She is a good people and she is colombian and her new boyfriend's Pique

He is the shakira's boyfriend, he is football player of spain team he has got 24 years, playing with number 3 in spain team.

She is a good singer of usa, she is very very craizy...! she to simulated childbirth in one of his video clips but she is a good singer.

He is singer,my fabourite song wicht david is BULERIA!! he has a very pretty girlfriend and a daughter called Ella

He is a singer of cadiz in spain, "he is beautiful"...

He is football player of barcelona team, este aņo el a ganado el balon de oro

She is girlfriend of Casillas

He is a soccer goalkeeper, He is the boyfriend of the famous TV presenter Sara Carbonero

He is a famous television presenter, his program is TONTERIAS LAS JUSTAS

he is a great imitator, FLORENTINO in the work with the program TONTERIAS LAS JUSTAS


He sings the song 16 years old, He sings with the group EL CANTO DEL LOCO

He is the actor in the new TV series LOS PROTEGIDOS, in the series tell CILEBRA

He's a great actor in TV, his son and has made a movie

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