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The Spotlight!

The Spotlight
Hi!I'm Alexandra or Alex for short. My website is about celebrities and famous people.I will try to make my website interesting.Well, that's all!Thanks!

Example = Jacob was Shark boy in Shark Boy and Lava girl!!
The Spotlight is on,
Selena Gomez!

Favorite Color: green,Bff: Demi Lovoto and Taylor Swift.
Favorite animal is a.......

p.s.You can tell me what you think the answer is on the Forum page!Whoever guesses the right answer will be announced on my blog!I will dedicate a page only for you guys!=]

The Answer was a Tiger!! And Shabiha is the winner

Shabiha Jafri (Trivia winner)

Favorite Animals:
Golden Retriever puppies
Favorite Animals Continued:Persian Kitten
Congrats Shabiha!!!!
the victorius gang!
victoria justice/Torry Victorious follows the journey of Tori Vega, a 15-year-old girl who has grown up in the shadow of her older sister, Trina, a singer/performer who's always been the "star" of the family. A fluke accident thrusts Tori into the spotlight, landing her an invitation to attend Hollywood Arts, the most prestigious performing arts high school in the country where she soon learns that getting in just might be a lot easier than fitting in. Although Tori is an amazing singer, dancer, and actress, she doesn't know it yet….Victorious follows her journey toward discovering that she's born to be a performer, and that entertaining people is what makes her happiest.

Ariana grande/Cat With her bright red hair, Cat is eccentric and a little out there. Her constantly charged emotional state means all her reactions go to 10. Although a bit of an over-actor, she feels a kinship with Tori.
Elizabeth Gillies/Jade Jade is the school's "alpha-female" and is annoyed that Tori's opportunity at Hollywood Arts just landed in her lap. She wants to be an actress and will do whatever it takes to make her dream come true.
Avan Jogia Jade's hot (but very down to earth) boyfriend. He's much nicer than his acerbic girlfriend and sticks up for Tori when Jade is taunting her.
leon thomas/Andre André is musically-gifted and a genius on the piano. He's Tori's soon-to-be best friend and helps make her adjustment to Hollywood Arts a bit easier. Tori's biggest supporter, André is always ready to offer encouragement and advice
matthew bennet/robbie A master ventriloquist, Robbie is awkward and shy and hides behind his cool-as-it-gets cool. He's selfless and recognized as the most respected acanion and "dummy," Rex, who speaks the thoughts Robbie is too afraid to say
daniella monet/trina Trina loves being the centre of attention! She's very sweet but can sometimes come across as a show-off. She believes that stardom is her destiny but she definitely needs to spend a bit more time practising

give it up for them

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