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Welcome to Victoria Justice Blog enjoy the Pictures!!

Victoria Justice was born in Hollywood Flordia, on Febuary 19 at 12:03am.Her first movie was My Purple Fur Coat fellowed by the short film Mary.Then she got casted as a geust star on Gilmore Girls after her time ended on Gilmore Girls she was casted as Rebecca on The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody only for one episode! and shes done much more!

Photo shoot for Zoey 101(she plays Lola)

Victoria as Lola!(werid i know!)

Victoria with Aly and Aj

Victoria with Chad Michal-Murry!

Victoria with Sandy the dog at the Annie Play (the dog is fake!)

on the set of Zoey 101 with fellow actors Kyle and Alexa!

Victoria on the set of The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody with Cole Sprouse(Cody)
still in his make-up from the show when he dressed up as a girl!LOL

Victorias little sister Madison(wearing a Zoey 101 t-shirt)

on the set of "River to Havilah"

On the set of the movie "Unknown"

On the set of the movie "Silver Bells"

Zoey 101

on the set of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch Commercial

on the set of Everwood!

Victoria and little sister Madison with friends on Inside Edition!

Victorica and Madison at the C.A.R.E awards!

Nickelodon Kids Choice Awards with Frankie Munez!

Victoria and Matt at Sisterhood of he Traveling Pants premiere!

Sharkboy and LavaGirl Premiere with Taylor(sharkboy)

The Teen People/EA Games Awards with Lindsey Lohan!

Victoria and Madison at the Rugrats Premiere!With Angelica!!

Zoey 101 wrap party,with some of the cast members!

Zoey 101 Cast at the Emmys 2oo5!

At the Dreamer Premiere!

Victoria and Paul(plays Jamie Lynn Spears little bro on Zoey101) are soaked at the first annual Nickelodeon picknick!!

At Camp Ronald McDonald Holiday party with Santa and two cast members from Zoey101

Bratz Consumer Electronics Photo Shoot with Marissa sharing ipod tunes

(got all my pictures from Victoria Justice Official Web Site)

Watch Zoey101 on Sunday @ 8pm on Nick

Thankz for visiting!!!


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