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~*Emma Roberts*~

~*Emma Roberts*~

Emma Roberts

Birth name: Emma Roberts
Born: February 10, 1991
Rhinebeck, New York
Occupation: Actress/singer
Website: www.fabulous-emma.com
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'2
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Halloween Costume is a Witch
Favorite Halloween Candy are Nerds
Fave Food: pizza
Fave School subject: English
Fave Car: pink hummer
Fave Hobby: drawing
Fave Sport: volleyball
Fave Pet: dog
Fave Music: hip/hop
Fave Book: Pictures of Hollis Woods
Fave Nick Show: Drake and Josh
Fave Place to Hang out: Malibu
Fave Role Model: Mom and Reese Witherspoon
Fave Clothes: pink Uggs
Fave Off Set Activity: summer camp
Fave Colors: hot pink and lime green


During her childhood, Roberts spent a lot of time on the sets of the films that her aunt was starring in. These experiences sparked a desire in Roberts, from the age of five, to follow her father and aunt into the film industry.[3] Although her mother initially opposed, wanting her daughter to have a normal childhood, Roberts made her acting debut in Ted Demme's 2001 drama Blow — the first movie she ever auditioned for — at the age of nine. In the film she portrayed Kristina Jung, the daughter of Johnny Depp's character, cocaine smuggler George Jung. As the film is rated R, her mother reportedly will not allow Roberts to see it before she turns eighteen. However, director Ted Demme produced a tape for her that featured only the scenes she appeared in.[4]

In 2001, Roberts also had a role in Leif Tilden's 10-minute short bigLove (which also starred her future step-father, Kelly Nickels), and was an uncredited extra in one of Julia Roberts' scenes in America's Sweethearts.[5] She went on to appear in smaller roles in two family films: in 2002's Grand Champion, as the sister of the main character Buddy (Jacob Fisher); and in 2003's Spymate, as the kidnapped daughter of former secret agent Mike Muggins (Chris Potter), who tries to rescue her with the help of a spy monkey. Grand Champion had a brief theatrical release in August 2004,[6] while Spymate was not released until February 2006, when it was given a theatrical run in Canada,[7] followed by its DVD release in April 2006. In August 2003, Roberts was scheduled to shoot an independent film called Daisy Winters, starring as the title character, alongside Rachel Weisz.[8] However, the film, which would have been Roberts' first leading role, never began shooting due to financial problems.


Roberts was born in Rhinebeck, New York[1] to actor Eric Roberts and his then girlfriend Kelly Cunningham. Her parents broke up shortly after her birth amid accusations of domestic violence, which eventually reached court. When Cunningham left the family home in September 1991 along with her daughter, Eric's sister Julia Roberts bought a house for the pair to live in. She also sided with Cunningham in her successful custody battle over Emma, resulting in a rift between her and her brother for the years to come.[2] Emma saw very little of her father following the custody decision, although her mother and Julia Roberts remained close.

Emma's half sister, Grace Nickels — the daughter of her mother and former L.A. Guns bassist Kelly Nickels — was born in early 2001. In a 2005 interview, Roberts stated that she is "definitely closer to [her] mum and stepdad and [she doesn't] see [her] real father much."[3]

Following the marriage of Eric Roberts to actress Eliza Simons (née Eliza Garrett) in 1992, Emma also has a stepbrother, Keaton Simons, and a stepsister, Morgan Simons (both children from Eliza Simons' first marriage with James Simons).

"I Wanna Be"

I took my time
Learning my lines
Trying to sort it out
This life that I lead
Its trapped me naive
I wanna scream out loud
Leave the past behind
Now is my time

I wanna see
I wanna Dream
I wanna live a life of fantasy
I wanna fly
I want my life to be much more than just an alibi
Can't you see
I wanna be
I wanna be

Running in place
Been out of the race
Before it even started
I am stuck at the gate
Don't make me wait
Swimming in a sea uncharted
Fly:. sail...
A starry night
First star I see tonight
I wish for kiss goodbye
Now I am flying high

I wanna see
I wanna Dream
I wanna live a life of fantasy
I wanna fly
I want my life to be much more than just an alibi
I wanna see
I wanna Dream
I wanna live a life of fantasy
I wanna fly
I want my life to be much more than just a journey
Leading down the road to no where
Future fading masquerading wonders
And that's when I begin to dream
(To dream)

I wanna see
I wanna Dream
I wanna live a life of fantasy
I wanna fly
I want my life to be much more...
I wanna see (I wanna see)
I wanna Dream (I wanna dream)
I wanna live a life of fantasy
I wanna fly
I want my life to be much more than just an alibi
Can't you see
I wanna be

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Emma's cute room

Cute!!! I love this picture
Thank You for visiting this blog I made about Emma Roberts. I hope you liked it. If you are a BIG fan of Emma than you must like this blog. If you get on www.nick.com/emmail, you can email her and ask her things. BYE!!!

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