there all lots of plants.and here you will learn about all of them.I didnt mean every one of them but alot of them.And when I said alot I meant alot.oh yea and you get to see a big oh flower and I mean big!and you get to see a bug eating flower!

this is a wonderful picture of a tree.I know kinda weird.but it is still a great picture.

what a beutyful flower.but 1 promblem whith that,its not a real flower,its a papaya!but it is still beutyful.I really dont know a papaya is thoe!!!!

This is a beutyful flower.And good thing it is a flower.

mmmm!this bee is making hony!

A lot of beutyful flowers but this is my favorite!:)
time for the grand finally!!!!!!!!

first lets start out with a tall plant!

now a big flower!

this is a venes fly trap.It eats bugs!!!!!!!

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