Nature: Medicinal Plants
Nature give us a wonderful thing:
Medicinal Plants

Welcome to my blog!
Im Carolina, Im 21 and Im too interesting in medicinal plants in my region, "La Araucania"

In this region our knoledge is influenced by "Mapuches Culture"

Nature give us many good things, its our place to live, provide us our food, our style of life and I always enjoy staying in some place surrounded of trees, herbs, rocks a beautiful view etc.

I usually look for medicinal plants, I investigate about their medicinal propiertes.

At home Ive many native species, I gather plants from everywhere near to the volcano.
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Is a perennial herb which grows to height of 20-80 cm and possesses creeping roots over the earth.
Uses: is used as an infusion made from the fresh plant relieves nervous headache.


Camomille is a low-growing plant, creeping or trailing, its tufts of leaves and flowers a foot high.
Uses: It is a welcome tea for nerves and menstrual cramps. Chamomile helps promote a natural hormone, like thyroxin, which helps rejuvenate the texture of the hair and skin, and also helps in youthful mental alertness.

Rosemary is a hardy bushy perennial shrub with aromatic, evergreen leaves and pale-blue flowers around the stem.
Uses: It is used for headaches, as well as for nervous. Rosemary is used widely in cooking, sausages, stuffing, soups and stews and to make tea. The flowers can also be added to salads.


Use: drink a infusion just after having boiled the water, it's good for stomach, insomnio, depression, help in metabolic functions.

Medicinal wild plant knowledge and gathering patterns in a
Mapuche community from North-western Patagonia
Use: The reputed therapeutic effects and ailments of use as follows: digestive, urinary tract, analgesic/ anti-inflammatory, antitusive, dermatological, gynecological/
obstetric, circulatory and sedative.
Common Rue

Rue is a small evergreen subshrub or semi woody perennial 2-3' tall and almost as wide.
Use: good for menstruation that is why it is very important that pregnant women should refrain from using this herb.
Calms pain associated with hepatitic colic or intestinal. Useful in treating nervous diseases and regulates Hearts Palpitations.

I expect that information will be useful for us, if anybody have a doubt just email me at
I{m going to complete the blog with more information, with more herbs and their medicinal properties, they're very good and isn't necesary to go to the doctor always, just find good result with some smalls herbs.

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