Nature's Beauty in Photograhphy
Nature is truly breath taking, isn't it? It surrounds us wherever we go.

The lake is one of the things we enjoy at summer camp.But, did you know that the lake is full of colorful fish?

Mountains are truly breathtaking aren't they? They are also the homes of Mountain Goats.

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This macaw is just amazing! If you look close enough, you can see the tiny feathers on it's head!
Here are some photograpghy tips to use.
1) Make sure your camera is still while you take the picture. Otherwise, the picture will be blurry.

2) Make sure your subject is close enough. Otherwise, you won't even be a ble to tell what or who they are.

3) If your subject is inside, make sure you have great lighting. Otherwise, you won't be able to see your subject.

4) When using a digital camera, take advantage of all the settings.

Badly Taken Picture Number One. This subject was badly taken because you cannot see the whole face. plus, this is an example of a blurry picture.

Badly Taken Subject Number Two. This subject was badly taken because the subject is too far away!

Badly Taken Picture Number Three. First off, this picture was supposed to be someone at Build A Bear Workshop! This picture was badly taken because you can't even see anything!

Great Picture Number One. This picture was close up and bright enough to see.

Great Picture Number Two. This picture had great depth.

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