Beautification Service Project

Beautification Service Project
Hello I am Shawna Humes Madden this is my Service Project for Civics Class. Here is my information about my beautification project, done here where I live in Forest Green Mobile Home Park in Hudson. The picture I am putting in now is a picture of a small area at the entrance of the park. I didn't do the work there, it is maintained by the park attendent.

Here is the information about what I did for the project.Service Part A Portfolio

Your Name:Shawna Humes Madden

Name of Your Community:Hudson

1. List at least five issues in your community. Circle the two that interest you most.

2. It's time to investigate! Use this chart to take notes as you research. Use the library, Internet, family and friends, and trusted community members. Talk to at least three trusted adults about the issues you research. These people may suggest good ideas and websites for information. One example would be your city or county government website. Be sure to note where you find information in your chart.

Issue #1 Litter and Unsightly items that could cause the
of germs. __________ Issue #2__________

Whom does the issue or problem affect? How does it affect them?
Are others already working on the issue?
Who else cares about it that you know?
Who has information that can help you? My neighbor hood.
Because it looks messy.
Some other neighbors.
People in the neighborhood.
People at the garden shop.

What factors contribute to the problem?
What can people do to help?
What type of service might be most helpful to people affected by the issue? People not caring about causing litter.
They could help clean up.
Cleaning up and recycling some of the debris.

Where does the issue have greatest impact?
Where can you find people working on it?
The park.
People living in the park
When did the issue or problem begin?
When are related plans or events scheduled?
When some of the messier people moved in; but they're no longer here.

Why do people think this issue is important?
Why do you think it is important? They are tired of the clutter
and worried about the germs.

A clean place is a healthy place

Record the titles and locations of any books, websites, or people that helped you.

My aunt and my grandma‎

3. Which of your researched issues do you think is most important? Explain why. The one I chose.

I thought it had to do with health as well as beautification. I did not choose another because I could not think of any other that was not already addressed.

Use this chart to organize information for your possible service plans. You can choose to act on one or more of your ideas.
Service Idea #1 Service Idea #2
What I can do to help–list all steps involved follow the steps according to how they are listed to do

Related organization and name of contact I have only contacted the garden shop at the local Home Depot they recommended using small flowers that will provide ground cover or mulch the area.

Organization phone number, email, street address
Little Road,Port Richey I contacted them on Sept. 1st 2013

Dates I contacted organization and what was said
Use mulch or ground cover flowers

Dates and locations of any events already scheduled by the organization that I can participate in

I don't have any dates

Is there a minimum age for the task I would like to participate in?

Anyone can participate in clean up and beautification activity except for babies

How will I get to the event(s) and back home again?

It's not an event its just an activity that some neighbors and I am doing to help clean up the park where we live.

Do I have parent or guardian permission?
Yes I do.

Who can help me and how?

My aunt and grandma, they can help clean up and plant

Deadline for completing my task

My deadline is when this project is due and when it will be past time to plant the ground cover flower seeds.

I wrote this last September 2013 as Part 1. Below is Part 2, along with my Reflection and Celebration. That I wrote on January 16th 2014.

What did you do for your service action? When did you do it? What were your specific role and action steps?

I tried to clean up the area I live in and make it look a little better,prettier,and cleaner. I started when I first entered the service project lessons last term. Began to clean the area and decide what needed to be done to make it look better.

What did you learn about the issue or problem you chose?

I learned that it would take a lot of time and persistance because a lot of people don't care about their yards and the area. Simply because the landlord himself takes little or no interest in the beautification process.

Did you meet new people? How are these people important to your community?

Yes, my neighbors a few that do care about the area. They are the people who live in the park and this is their home.

Did the actual service turn out as you expected? Explain.

Some of the project did. The part that did not was the planting of seeds. The soil is too poor and did not respond to any treatment. So we went with artificial greenery and flowers. Some think it actually real. We decided on a zen garden.

Do you feel your action was valuable to the community? Explain why or why not.

Yes because it really looks pretty and the manager likes it.
What could you do differently in the future to make the service better?

I guess I would try to talk to more people about the idea of cleaning up the area and beautifying it more.

What do other people, like trusted adults and classmates, think about your project? What have they said to you about it?

Trusted adults like some neighbors and my family think it was a very good idea. The manager likes when people clean up their area and take an interest in it.

What can you do to help this service project grow and continue?

Keep talking to my neighbors and keep up the work on the garden.
In what ways has this service project affected you? Explain your responses.
It made me feel good to accomplish this project.

Will you continue with this service experience? Explain why or why not.

Maybe I will try to keep putting different flowers to change the look of the zen garden

What tips would you give to classmates just starting their service projects?

Once you get an idea,work at it and continue your project until you get it the way you want it to be.

I am now going to put other information I wrote earlier today,January 17th 2014.

Posted by Shawna Humes-Madden Fri Jan 17 09:11:53 2014.
Message: Part One: My reflection on my experience of doing the Service Project is that you be surprised how few people really consider that littering and messing up a place can really be a turnoff for people coming to places seeing such a mess. I feel that my experience trying to clean up and beautify my area made me feel better and gave me a sense of accomplishment. I actually found people finally cleaning up their area and commenting on mine. Even the manager likes what I have done. The zen garden really does give a feeling of peace.

Here is a response to an anonymous post that I wrote this morning,January 17th 2014. This is Part of the Celebration of a fellow student.

Posted by Shawna Humes-Madden Fri Jan 17 09:05:30 2014.
Message: To whomever posted cleaning up trash Dec. 12 2013.
That sounds like a very good idea. Trash can be unsightly and one never knows where it came from. It can often attract bugs, not to mention it could spread germs.

I will put pictures of my zen garden when I am able to take them and download them.

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