Nature is amazing!
Mola mola or Ocean sunfish are the heaviest bony fish in the world.

The Narwhal or Monodon monoceros is an amazing-looking
toothed whale, but no-one knows what their tusks are for!
This little critter is called Microcebus mittermeieri
or Mittermeier's mouse lemur.

It was only discovered in Madagascar in 2003.

The Pygmy tarsier (Tarsius pumilus) is found in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It is nocturnal and only eats insects!
Dugongs are very cute. They eat sea grasses and it's believed they're what sailors used to think were mermaids.

Cuttlefish are possibly the coolest creatures ever!

They change colours when they're upset which makes them look like alien spaceships under the water. And, they're apparently really smart.


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