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This blog is about endangered animals and carnivorous plants.

This animal is endangerd because it's home is being destroyed.(trees are being cut down)
Red pandas are 50-63cm long and weight about 5kg. The red panda has redish fur on most of its body but on the legs and the stomach they are black.

This is the venus flytrap. It eats flies in a spectacular way. When a fly lands on a venus flytrap it will touch little hairs which will trigger the trap to shut and smoosh the fly to death.

Bengal tigers are endangered because people are killing them for their fur and sometimes their meat. These beatiful tigers are white with black stripes and weigh between 150 and 220kg. One intresting fact is that their stripes are also on their skin.

Cobra liles cacth the flies when they land on the plant's sticky beard like leaves. Then when they are inside they fall into juices in which to be digested in.

This animal is not a large anteater or a pig but is it a tapir. They are being killed by humans and animals and their only defence is speed and camoflouge.
Tapirs are good swimmers
they can weigh up to 700pounds
young tapirs are brown with tan stripes kind of like a watermelon

They are similar to the cobra plant above it eats flies. When they land on the"lips" of the plant they slip in and die in a pitch of acid juices.

Leatherback turtles are endangered because of recreational fishig, getting entangled in debris, and mistaking trash bacgs for jellyfish and eatingn them.
Leatherbacks are very cool and intresting animals. There's probably many things that you dohn't know about them like.....
they are the largest sea turtle and they can grow up to 7 feet long
females can lay up to 150 eggs
they live their whole life in the water except for when they are mating and when they lay eggs
There are many more animals that are endangered and many more carnivorous plants to learn about.
love animals
don't hurt animals
and spread the word about them

Sea turtles rock!!!


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