Eco Diva fashionista Mini Magazine

To Editors Letter:

Hey Everyone this is Whitney & Opal
we are making this blog together to
show you how to be an Eco Diva so
you'll have lots to read from
recycling, making fun gifts and lots
of tips so why not grab you popcorn
and get ready to read our blog.

Hugs & Kisses
Whitney + Opal xo

How to be an Fashionista Eco Diva«

Eco Chic

- Make clothes :) Yes all you need is a pattern to know what your going to make, pins, sewing needles, material or fabrics, a sewing machine and a bit of patients.

- Make Your old clothes into new clothes.

- Is it Winter in your country now? Find a plain Cardigan and jazz it up by sewing fancy buttons to it.

- Is it Summer? Decorate your boring denim shorts and skirts with gems and buttons

- make a lacey belt to go with the denim skirt very eco chic

ECO CHIC ADVICE: Always remember to take a scrap material to practice on before sewing.

Your Fashionista friend♥
Opal xo

Adore Galore

Ok So Why not make your own fantabulous
Headbands all you really need is fabric,
hot glue gun, gems, lace, flowers, buttons
and your imagination and have tons of fun.

I made like over 30 headbands today!
Well mwa favourites are:
My black headband with a gold messy rose and a black lace over the top,
Mwah Gold headband with a mega black bow and with a few silver sequin sparkles on it,
Mwaa silver metallic headband with lots of cute little bows with broken black laces over the top,
Ma silver metallic headband with lots of supa-cute sequins on top of the metallic silver messy rose,
and last but not least, mwa black headband with a big messy rose with a big lace over the top which covers mwa right eye.

:D Smiles and Laughs
Whitney xo

Jewellery Princess♦

Why Not rade through your grandma's trinket box
and ask her if you can have what she doesn't
want anymore maybe you could make necklaces
from her dainty pearls or charm bracelets
even start your own beading buisness GIY
= Glam it yourself add some string and a bling
also you can make earrings, rings, neckalces,
bracelets, ankelets and much more but you'll
need beading tools like crimpers and pliers
also read beading magazines they always help you.
Beading is a great way to make pocket money and
make good gifts make a bunch of rainbow beaded
bracelets and give them to your friends or why not
wear them to school :D My newest beading Collection
is called........... Weather Beads.................
Which means every piece of jewellery I make will
be something to accord to the weather so if there is
a rainbow, or a sunny day sunshine I would make a
rainbow sunshine bracelet ♦ When I finish it I will
take pics and make a blog about it :D

♦ Pretty P.w.i.n.c.e.s.s ♦
Opal xo

Scrapbooking Love <3

Why not make a scrapbook?
Theres lots of beautiful papers to choose from
embellishments, stickers, gems, ribbons and buttons
these scrapbooks make great gifts for a special friend
so get busy to scrapbook my latest scrapbook was

I made a beach babe scrapbook for Opal it had us
hanging at the beach :D i decorated it with
glimmery blue papers, huge thongs and glasses
embellishments, orange rhinestones, paintings
and shimmery stickers.

Stickers and Fun
Whitney xo

Story Boards!

Every Famous fashion designer does this project!
Start your first GIY project with Opal

- A plain canvas
- paints, glitter paint
- magazine cut-outs
- fabric samples
- rhinestones and jewels
- scissors
- glue

STEP 1: Paint your canvas a basic colour I choose pink :) then when it's dry get some glitter paint and paste it over and wait till dry again.

STEP 2: Cut out pictures that are related to your theme so if it's Paris cut out pictures of poodles,
the eiffel tower, little boutiques and cafes and paste it with glue onto the canvas.

STEP 3: Decorate it with rhinestones, ribbons, buttons, gems, jewels and fabric samples.

Now you can hang it up on your wall.
Mwah latest stpry board is of Paris but I am still working on it.

Shimmer and Glitter
Opal xo

Presents (:

- Beaded Jewellery

- Scrap books

- Hand made Cards

- Story Boards

- Knitted Scarves

- Beauty gifts

Here are some fun and great gifts for someone special.

Beads and Shiny String
Whitney xo

Eco Diva Fashionista Competition!

Here is the competition!
Tell Whitney or Opal the last thing you made
whether it was a lacey belt, dazzle thongs,
a painting or a lovely picture we want to know.

The PRIZE is we will send out an Eco Diva Fashionista
Goodie bag to yah which includes a newsletter, a mini magazine,
beaded bracelets, an australian lollie and a lipgloss.

Just simpily Email us and every girl will get a goody bag even if you don't win.

Winners no Loosers
Whitney & Opal xo

Eco Diva Tips!

TIP 1: Always recycle like make old clothes into new clothes
TIP 2: Make jewellery with anything likee beads, straws, shells
TIP 3: Scrap book with left over paper coz Wasting paper is so not kool
TIP 4: Make gifts for your friends
TIP 5: Don't waste water
TIP 6: Turn off lights when you don't need it and use candles instead
TIP 7: Save animals maybe by turning vegetarian
TIP 8: Always give some money to charities or poor people
TIP 9: Don't use plastic bags make your own shopping bags out of calico
TIP 10: Don't waste food think of the poor people

Daydreamers don't stop it makes you better at fashions coz that's when all the ideas flow into your mind.

A secret: Opal is a vegetarian

Eco Diva Fashionista
Whitney & Opal xo


Thank you for reading our blog :D
Don't forget to email us because
you can win some fab goodie bags.
Always remember to follow these tips
so you will always be an Eco diva.

Thank you so much
Kisses & Hugs
Whitney & Opal xo

Whitneys email :

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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