Save Our Earth PLEASE!!!!
There are lots of ways to Save our planet and I'm here to tell you how so pitch in and help so our earth will become a better place!
The first way to save our planet is to save Endangered animals which are Bald Eagles,barn Owls,Blanchard's cricket frogs,Blandings Turtles,Dune Thistle,Hines Emerald Dragonfly,Karner blue Butterfly,Massasauga rattlesnake,Northern ribbon snake,Ornate box Turtle,Peregrine falcon,Pine Marten,Prairie White-fringed orchid,queen Snake,Slender Glass Lizard,Timber Wolf,Western ribbon snake and whooping Crane. To save these animals you can visit
Here are some ways to save our Earth: pick up trash,don't litter,plant trees, use less water and don't leave your car running!


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Save Our Earth PLEASE!!!! (Nature)    -    Author : Hannah - USA

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