Australian Wild Flowers

The Bottle Brush in this photo is one that I have grown in my own yard, it is called a Callistemon and flowers late spring to early summer, this schrub is a native to Australia. The family this shrub belongs to is the MYRTACEAE Family.

Pink Gum, scientific name: Eucalyptus fasciculosa (family MYRTACEAE).
This beautiful flower was photographed within the beautiful Arid Land Botanical Gardens, in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Native flower; Creamy Candles, Stackhousia monogyna (Family: Stackhousiaceae), this lovely plant flowers in spring to early summer.

Common Name; Garland Lily
Scientific Name:Colostemma purpureum

Perennial bulbous herb tp 60 cm high.
Leaves; linear,bright green, erect or slightly arching, about 60 cm long. Leaves die down each year.
Flowers; 2 cm long, reddish-purple or pink, in terminal umbels of 12 to 25 flowers on stalk to 45 cm long.
Found; mainly inland, in woodland, often along watercourses and in rocky places. New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia.

Common Name; Poached Egg Flower
Scientific Name; Polycalymma stuartii
Formerly; Myriocephalus stuartii

Erect annual herb 10-50cm High,
Stems woolly hairy.
Leaves; linear or linear-lanceolate, 2-7cm long to 5mm wide, grey-green woolly tp almost glabrous above, hairy below, tip slightly pointed.
Flowerheads; hemispherical, 2-4cm acrossdeep yellow disc florets surrounded by several rows of papery white bracts.

Widespread and common in on inland sandy plains & sand hills.
Found in: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory.
Time of Year; winter & spring

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