Hey, inform of me and Artist 'Pierrot' in here ^ ^ Welcome

hi everyone

This is my favorite artist Aiji of rock band "Pierrot"
Now pierrot is break up so Aiji is maked band "Lovely-mocochang" with Maya.

I very like not only Japanease music and artist but also another pop music.
The feeling, Pierrot, Tokyojihen, Busted(UK) etcccc .. .....

This is my Guitar
I looooooooooooooooooove so much that!!!!!

Ibanez Jem-555

I like make a drawing.
this picture's title is 'MIMI'
is name of doll

I love this animation

My homepage is

Another my picture and photo, information in my website. any more more more

Thank you ^ ^

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Hey, inform of me and Artist 'Pierrot' in here ^ ^ Welcome (Music)    -    Author : Reira - Korea

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