'Jacoby Shaddix' of Papa Roach

this is Jacoby Shaddix
(31yrs old)
he's the lead singer of the hard rock band "Papa Roach"

He's also the host of mtv's (SCARRED)

He's a Bad Boy and I love it!

Oh, dear

Im inlove with this guy


shaddix has many tattoos; one of which reads " Here Lies Jacoby Dakota Shaddix" at the bottom of the scroll " Born with Nothing, Die with Everything"...well that's wise! and there's a chinese one on his neck.
HE also has tattos on both of his hands.his right hands says "LOVE" and his left hand says"HATE"

Wassup yo!! This me,
Jacoby Shaddix
I sing rock,rap,pop and all kindda music...

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'Jacoby Shaddix' of Papa Roach (Music)    -    Author : NovaFan - USA

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