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My Chemical Romance was formed by lead singer Gerard Way and former drummer Matt Pelissier in year 2001(about a week after 9/11).Ray Toro was called up to help the band after a while. Mikey Way dropped out of college to join the band while Frank Iero joined the band after Pencey Prep(the band he was in)broke up.
My Chemical Romance signed with Eyeballs Records and their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was released on July 23,2002.
Their second album--Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was recorded by Reprise Records and was released in June 8,2004.
The Black Parade was released in October,24 2006. The album was produced by Rob Cavallo, who also produced albums for Greenday. Bob Bryar(Replacement for Matt Pelissier) played in this album.

Gerard Arthur Way

> Lead Singer
> Born in 9 April 1997 (In Newark, New Jersey)
> Brother of bandmate Michael James Way(Bass)
> 1/2 Italian( Mother's Side), 1/2 Scottish( Father's Side)
> His late grandma (Elena Lee Rush) taught him how to sing, paint and perform.
> He performed in the play Peter Pan when he was in fourth grade.
> He graduated from Belleville High School in 1995, and attended School Of Visual Arts in New York City graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999.
> Tried to sell an animated television series to Cartoon Network called "The Breakfast Monkey" but CN turned down the pitch because it was similar to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"
> As a kid, he came up with a revelation that everyone he cares about will eventually die, and that he will die alone.
> Responsible for creating the band with Matt Pelissier.
> The band's first song Skylines and Turnstiles was inspired by Gerard's experience on 9/11
> He has no piercings or tattoos because he is afraid of needles and nipple rings freak him out.
> His musical influences include Iron Maiden , the Misfits , and David Bowie .
> On 3 of September, 2007 after a show in Colorado, Gerard married Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence .
> Gerard has recently established himself as a comic-book writer, writing for the comic The Umbrella Academy .
> He loves to draw on himself.

Michael James Way

> Bassist
> Born in 10 September, 1980
> Younger brother of lead singer Gerard Way
> It was said that Mikey learnt guitar in order to join the band but according to him, he was in several bands before My Chemical Romance, and even auditioned for a guitar part in Frank Iero's band, Pencey Prep but didn't make it.
> He dropped out of college so that he could play in My Chemical Romance.
> Mikey was responsible for the band's name, which was taken from an Irvine Welsh novel Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
> He used to wear glasses, but he had Lasik eye surgery that corrected his nearsightedness. He no longer wears glasses.
> Mikey's favourite band is Anthrax, favourite food: Shushi
> On 7 March, 2007, Mikey married his fiancee Alicia Simmons, backstage at Orleans Arena, Las Vegas after the band's show(They were married by James Dewees).
> Recently, Mikey and Alicia got matching tattoos on their wrists.
> Mikey loves unicorns and he has a cat named Bunny Marie Way. Bunny has a myspace.
> He hates small spaces, large and open spaces, and shopping for groceries.

Frank Anthony Iero

> Born in 31 October, 1981 (In Belleville, New Jersey)
> He is the youngest member in the band.
> Rhythm Guitarist
> His name is pronounced as Eye-year-oh.
> He is the shortest guy in the band (5'4")
> He attended Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington.
> He attended Rutgers University on scholarship but dropped out to join My Chemical Romance.
> He got his first tattoo on his 18th birthday, which was a jack-o-lantern on his back. He got a lot of tattoos which include the word "HALLOWEEN" on his fingers, a scorpion on his neck, "Keep The Faith" on his upper back, the letters "N.J" inside his lip stands for New Jersey,"I Wish I Were A Ghost" around his right wrist ect.
> He was in a band called Pencey Prep.
> He has his own clothing line,record label,and publishing company called Skeleton Crew.
> Frank is in the band Leathermouth, which is produced by Skeleton Crew.
> He loves bands like Black Flag, American Nightmare, The Bouncing Souls and The Beastie Boys.
> Frank likes to read books such as Harry Potter
> His favourite movies are Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas, Rushmore, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
> He married his fiancee Jamia Nestor on 9 March, 2008.

Bob Cory Bryar

> Bob Bryar was born December 31st, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois.
> He is the only member in MCR who is not from New Jersey.
> He attended school at Eisenhower Junior High in Darien, Illinois.
> He once played in drums and symphonic in a jazz band.
> He replaced Matt Pelissier in 2004. He met MCR while working as a sound technician with The Used.
> He was asked to fill in for Matt two days before shooting the video "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)". He was soon hired as a permanent drummer for MCR.
> He is well known for his hatred of cameras, and prefer to be the one standing behind the camera. If he sees a camera he would walk to the other directions or punch the camera, and sometimes curse the person who is trying to film him.
> Bob received an injury from the making of video "Famous Last Word"in 2006.His leg was burned but he received treatment in the hospital.
> The Black Parade is the first album he played for MCR.
> Bob is a fan of Black Sabbath.
> Unlike the other members of MCR, Bob prefer cats.

Raymond Toro Ortiz

>Born in July 15 1977 (Newark, New Jersey)
>He is the lead guitarist for My Chemical Romance.
>He was born with brown eyes and grew up to be 6'1".
>He went to the same high school with Gerard and Mikey but they were "loose friends".
>He used to have a pet dog named Boy
>He was not allowed to go out from the house much because of the strange living area he lived in. Bodies were often found in the park and lake near his house.
>Ray and Gerard met again in an Iron Maiden concert. Together with Matt Pelissier, they formed a band.
>He is a large part responsible for all the band's instrumentals, as well as writing the majority of My Chemical Romance's music and Frank's guitar music.
>He plays a SG Gibson Guitar: SG Series, which has a mahogany body with a rosewood fingerboard.
>His guitar influences include Stevie Ray Vaugh, Jimmi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, and Jimmy Page.
>He grew up listening to his brother's Classic Rock albums.
>His favourite band is Iron Maiden, but still makes time for classic music.
>He has gotten a few injuries over the years such as "Guitar Burn",some specialists attribute it to sweat, friction, and intense rocking.
>He married his fiancee Christa in 2008.
>Ray wears contacts.
>His trademrak is his afro. He doesn't mind people touching it but he doesn't like people pulling it.
>He does not like to read and unlike the rest of his band mates, he cannot cook at all!

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (Often shorten as "Bullets") is the debut album by MCR, released on 23rd of July 2002.On the CD itself it is written, "Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and will result in Gerard coming to your house and sucking your blood." (Note: this does not occur on all copies of the album).

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