Do you konw Chinese band Mayday

They are my favourite band.
Mayday is Monster,Stone,Masa,Ming,Ashin&U
Publish their new album the second roundin 2012.
The theme of the album is about the rumor of 2012
which is said that doomsday is coming.

About their creation
All of their songs are written by themselves.
Ashin has been awarded the best poet.
When they gave their demo to the producer
Jonathan Lee(ʢ),Lee said to others, from
now on, they do their works themselves, everyone
of you dont help themselves.
In addition to this, they always creates for others.
From that we can see their ability.

Someone has said your life isuncompleted
if you havent seen their concert ever.
Now their concert are holding all around the world.
If you are interest them now , you can join them.

the leader of the band
the guitarist
Taiwan University

two daughters


Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University

Former rumoured gf : Fish Leong()

Stone ʯ
Tamkang University
married and two sons

Ashin ź
the lead singer of the band
Taiwan Practice university
establish his own brandstay real

What does they teach us
They said, if you have a dream, then try hard
and come true it.
When they were young, they have a dream that
they want to be Chinese Beatles. Now they do it.
Not only China but also Asia and Europe know them and like their music.

Why like them
Their lyrics are close to our heart.
It has showed our deepest thought.
Whether you are happy
or sad, you can find a song
from them to express your mood.
They creates music not for sales, not for money,
just for showing the love of music.


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