An Cafe
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Yu-ki, Teruki, Miku, Kanon & Takuya

I was thinking of telling you about the band An Cafe. They are from Japan. They sing on Japanease. They do japanease rock - punk music. They where also clothes from the japanease mark Sex Pot Revenge.
They started the band 2003. Then they where; Bou, Teruki, Kanon and Miku. Bou left the band 2007. Then Takuya & Yu-ki starte.
Kanon is the bandleder. He plays the bass. Bou playd the guitar now do Takuya that. Miku is the singer. Yu-ki plays the keyboard & Teruki the drums.

On this picture; Bou (the girl), Miku (He in the brown hair), Teruki (he in the red hair) & Kanon (he in the black hair)

Did you know;
... that Mikus birthday is January 5?
... that Takuya likes to play on guitar brand Gibson?
... that Kanon favorite perfym is CK One?
... the Yu-ki collect watches?
... that Teruki love to sit and listen to music and thinking about everything that he has discovered?

Ask And I'll tell you more!

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