~All You Need To Know About Kelly Breeding~

Thankz for coming to my Kelly blog. Have you guys seen my last 2 blogs? If not then go n look for my Dustin and Patrick blogs..they are off the chain. I didnt have too many Dustin pics so that one is smaller than my Patrick blog.Butterum please enjoy yourself here! And please leave me some comments in the forum thanks!

Please keep this Blog a hater free zone. So if you really need to say something rude then keep your comments to your self..alright..Thankz!
Much luv,

So Sexi

That why my name is KTP..once a PIMP always a PIMP


As Precious as a diamond

A Smile that makes me wanna SCREAM!


Name: Kelly Allen Breeding

Age: 17

Birthplace: Liberal, Kansas

Birth Date: Feburary 27 1989

HomeTown: Atlanta, Ga

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Movie: Chronicles of Riddick

Favorite Music Artist: OutKast, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, and Snoop Dogg

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color:Dark Brown

Personality: Funny,entergetic and very outgoing

Type Of Girl: Thick,outgoing,pretty,smart,loving and understanding

How Many Siblings: 4

Status: Single and lookin for someone very special

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Left Or Right Handed: Lefty

Postition in Family: 2nd Oldest Sexi Babi

Hobies: Bowling, Rapping,Dacing,Acrobatics,and Playing Video Games

NickNames: KTP,kellz ,and Killa K(made dis one ^..lolz)

Favorite Food: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Favorite Food at an amusement park: glazed walnuts and ice cream dots

How Much do you like Kelly?
Whoa! I cant even tell you
He's fione
He cute
I guess he's ok
Naw i dont like him like dat
Free polls from

If u dont know..Well in the lil moving box kellz is sayin "O 4 Real"..Some may get is some "may not"..lolz

DANG...he got sum big muscles..lolz

Sing it for me babi!

Give Papi A HUGE

Can anyone braid my hair?? PLEASE....

~Kelly's Back To School Interview~

Interiviewer: What is your most memorable back-2-school moment, and why?

Kelly: I enjoy getting to see my old friends and teachers again. Plus gettting to make new friends in the new year is always fun!

Interviewer: What is your favorite subject in school,and why?

Kelly: I like science,because,I love to create and experiment. Science is a lot of fun!

Interviewer: What is your least favorite school subject,and why?

Kelly: I dont really enjoy language arts. Sometimes it's confusing because of how we talk today! I think they have used the same teaching the last 10 years,so I guess that's why I have a hard time with this class.

Interviewer: What advice would you give a person who fears the first day jitters?

Kelly: Be confident and be nice to people when you get back to school! You will make new friends and see old ones, too!

Interviewer: What snack(s) do you enjoy eating, while studing and why?

Kelly: I enjoy eating Sour Patches and beef Jerkey its teh best, because its yummy!

Interviewer: What postive message would you give the Faces readers on embarking on a new year at school?

Kelly: Dont let anyone steal your dreams! Do what you love and you will be happy in life!

~Kelly's Amusement Park Interview~

Interviewer: What is your favorite amusement park ride,and why?

Kelly: I like Deja Vu at Six Falgs. Its just crazy when you go one way, but when you go backwards its ever crazier.

Lookin like Lil Fizz..AwWwWwW

[]D-[]-[]V[]-[]D(pimp) Every since he was lil


Poor babi got attacked :(

Thankz for visting my Kelly blog. I didnt have too many kelly pics but I might find some more to show yal. I hope yal at least likes what yal saw here. REMEMBER if yal havent seen my last 2 blogs,patrick and Dustin,then please go n look @ them they are titled the same they just have their names in the title..Well please look out for my Carnell Breeding blog alright. PcE

Much luv,

^ in FYE

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