CuTe JoNaS QuOtEs!!!! (jonas bros rox!)


* I wish I could shoot bacon out of my eyes

* I love Christmas because all you need is hot cider, snow, and a girl to throw snowballs at.

* I had an imaginary friend. His name was Joe, he'd always get me in trouble

* (the thing he misses most about New Jersey) One thing they don't have out here in California is Rita's Italian Ices

* I'm afraid that when I'm asleep that somebody might want to break into my house and punch me. Its called "afraidthatpeoplearegoingtopunchyouphobia!"

* My favortie flirty line is: 'Hey, did you drop this?' Then you pick up a handful of sugar and say, 'It fell out of your hair.'

*One thing nobody knows about me is that three of my fingers are edible, but I can't tell you which fingers.

*(on what color crayon he would be) I would be orange, black, white, dot, clear, red.

* Usually when I'm with my crush, I'll talk really softly

* (on the Jonas Brothers song, "Hold On") It can mean like waiting in line and your Just like Hold on...or If your riding your bike and you get a flat tire and your like...Hold your bike it can mean...okay I need to figure out what this song means.

* It used to bother me that I was shy. I was always the one playing it safe, never coming out of my shell because I was scared. I've grown up. I'm outgoing, and I just like to have fun!

* I wanna record a song with Michael Jackson, but I want a wall between us.

* I don't drive. I don't have a license. I have my permit from New Jersey, but I dont have time to do it. When I am I going to use it? That's the most rock star thing to do, never get your license

* (On what super power he would like to have) I would probably want to be able to shoot spaghetti out of my fingers

* (about creating a song) You need to find a hook, something that people will remember about a song. talking about how much work singing is) It gets tiring, but, you know, the fact of when you get back on that stage, itís worth every bit. Every bit of energy that you spent to get there, itís completely worth it.

* My hidden talent is...I can make pancakes appear!

* "I Love You" isn't something to say to quickly. Its not just a word, though a lot of guys will just throw it out there. Being in love is when things are going so well that happiness is beyond belief. You're 200 percent happy and excited.

* Live like you are at the bottom even if you are at the top.

* (After getting his driver's license) Now everyone has to stay off the roads!

*Music is my life, it is very special. You have music as a kind of feeling. talking about where his band gets there ideas for lyrics) Sometimes it is about either what is going on in my life right now, or how we are feeling that day. A lot of the songs can be really happy when we are having a great time, but some songs will be very sad.

* (talking about an extreme sport he'd like to try) I would do extreme acting. It's a new thing I'm making up. It's like SAD FACEÖ. HAPPY FACE

* One time I had a hole in my pants like the entire show and I didn't realize until like after the meet and greet and I got back and I sit down and I'm like OH MANN. It was really embarrassing.

* I went to see a movie with this girl once, and this creepy old lady was following us everywhere we went. I don't think she was a fan or anything, but it freaked me out!

* Looks aren't as important as attitude. I like girls who like to have fun...especially if they're talented. Every girl has something special about her.

* Kevin [Jonas] has a Starbucks radar in his head. We'll be on the road, and he'll be like, "Two miles-Starbucks." He can smell it...and every time he's right!

* I like a girls natural beauty. My ideal girl wouldn't have to have a lot of makeup. Just a smile and style. I like girls who have a cool sense of fashion and don't mind standing out a bit.

* The sweetest thing is singing to your crush over the phone.


* I just think it's funny. Because you take a picture with somebody, then automatically you're dating. I just laugh it off

* When I was eight, I had a snow day. Both of my best friends were off from school and we played this game where we lived in an imaginary life (called snow Mountain). I think I got frostbite, but it's all good

* I know I've been in love. but I waited a long time before I said the word "love" to someone even though I'd been thinking it, because I consider "love" to be more than just a word.

* The worst is when I'll be on an airplane. I sleep all the time when I'm on planes and my mouth is, like, wide open while I'm sleeping. I just look totally stupid. and I'll just look around the plane and see tweens staring and taking pictures of me looking like that.

* In the moment, I'll have a strong inspiration for [lyrics], and most of the time I really want to get it off my chest and, like, let it go, where as other people mat write it down in a journal and be done with it or vent and get it out. I like to do that...but with songwriting. I'll just wanna write it, most of the time, songs that come out of it are really cool

* I look at my parents and I see a great example of what a relationship can be. They've given us a wonderful example, and I know that true love is defintely out there.

* (about being a heartthrob) It's any guy's dream and the fact that I'm able to live it is awesome

* When you're texting, you can say things to a girl that you'd never say in person. You just type what you want and press send.

* My first kiss was really good. It was looking over the city skyline. It was sweet! It was awesome.

* Yeah I've avoided girls before, but for a reason. If I like a girl, there's a chance I don't know what she's thinking. So I start to question the situation. I want her to notice me, so I play it cool.

* I crush on girls who are kinda quiet, too. I'm not shy, but I am quiet. I don't like to meet a lot of people.

* It sounds funny, but my biggest fear is that I'm not perfect. I'm a perfectionist, and I get upset when things go wrong or when I don't do well. I used to be very uptight, but I've learned to loosen up.

* My favorite way to impress a girl is by singing to her. I want to serenade her, or at least try to.

* (When asked if he ever fought with somebody over a girl) I actually had a problem with my little brother Frankie. I was saying that I thought Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana was cute. He was like, "What?!" He ran over and tried to beat me up.

* (About Kevin's obsession with Starbucks) We were in a mall one time and it was on the other side of the mall, and he goes, "I can smell Starbucks," and just starts running to it.

* My biggest pet peeve is when people pretend to be me [on MySpace]. It's just like, annoying when they message people as me because you never know what they're going to write or say.

* My brothers and I listen to hip-hop and drink Red Bull to get pumped up.

* My pick up line is, "Slow down, sugar, because I'm a diabetic"!

* Even though we [him and his brothers] have a younger brother, I'm considered the baby. But I'm more adult than Joe and Kevin!

* To his brother, Joe): You're ideas are pointless.

* It doesn't matter if the world is pulling you down. With Christ you have everything.

* I used to rush into things a lot. That didn't work too well. Now I take it slow-get to know the girl and stuff. I found that it works better. But if its really awesome I'll jump into it.

* (on what he looks for in a girl) I look for someone who has confidence. Also someone whose energetic, cause I'm NOT that energetic.

* I like looking at the stars on a clear night.

* (when he calls a girl) My heart starts beating really fast and I have this thing where I gulp sometimes

* Some girls try too hard to get guys' attentions by not wearing much clothes. When a girl dresses nicely with good taste it says that she has confidence and that she takes pride in her appearance.

* What I'm looking for in a girl is someone who will understand my crazy schedule and will be there to support me. Just a girl who will make me smile and keep me happy.


* (about the silliest story ever written about him) There was one that said I was married. I was like, "No, no, that didn't happen!"

* I hate a girl who talks on her phone all the time when she's with me. It bugs the fire out of me! It's also not cool when a girl has a foul mouth, or if her friends are crazy or odd. If that's who she's hanging out with, it definitely rubs off on her.

* I'm very laid back-I can watch movies for hours at a time-so I like a girl who's easy-going, makes me laugh, and who likes to be constantly connected. I'm rarely home, so I love being with someone online, or texting, or on the phone. It's nice to be able to turn on my computer and see her buddy icon pop up.

* The minute I asked this one girl on a date, she thought I was her boyfriend. That's not the way it's suspposed to be. Relationships take time.

* I'll know if I want to ask a girl on a second date in the first 10 minutes of our first date. If you're just getting to know each other and you're already laughing about things in each other's lives, then you know you're going to work out

* Christmas is my favorite time of year because it's the whole idea and spirit of the thing. Everyone wants to be together and I love being in a relationship during Christmas. It's just the idea of being in love during the best time of the year that is best.

* about being a celebrity teenager) Of course, it's the best thing that ever happened to me, and this has been one of the most crazy and most fun lives ever. I have a blast every single day. I am blessed that I get to do this thing I love to do, and if I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be working at Starbucks. So the fact that I get to travel around on a tour bus all around the country is pretty awesome.

* I want a girlfriend who has a positive attitude and is easy-going. Plus she to understand my crazy schedule.

* (what he does to make a girl feel special) I'll try to surprise her, like show up with Starbucks coffee--completely unannounced. I'm also gone a lot, so I'll try to call her as many times as I can without being weird.

* Break-ups, in general, are always bad. some break-ups are easier than others, but sometimes they're really hard. You learn to get through it. That's why I think love takes time and definitely should not be rushed into.

* I got one move, one move, it's gold, it's gold, it's perfect. Everyone would be like 'Dude how did you do that move? Thatís ridiculous!'

* One of my biggest pet peeves is when my brothers tell me how to drive. It just freaks me out, because they've never been behind the wheel before.

* Youíll be looking at magazines at an airport and youíll see a girl like, holding up a magazine and your face is like on the page and youíre like, ĎOkay Iím just walking away now.í Itís a little strange.

* I think guys should still open a door for a girl every chance they get, every time. They should try to take care of a girl as much as possible. She's like a princess, no matter what.

* I loved being the oldest because I bossed my brothers around!

* I'm a talker, so I talk to people. I'm not afraid to walk up to you and just start talking to you. I won't try to make you laugh, because it's not going to happen--I'm not funny at all. Comebacks for me are really bad. I can't come back if somebody comes at me. I guess I just have my own way of talking to people.

* I'm afraid of getting rejected by girls. And rejection can be the worst in music. I have to remind myself that although it may be risky, I'm doing what I love. I also know that if you don't take chances, then you'll never know what'll happen!

* I've always been scared of failing. I hate to disappoint those I care about. I want to make them happy. I'm such a people-pleaser, especially in relationships. I'm definitely working on it. I try not to be a pushover, and I'm really making an effort to voice my opinion more!

* I don't get nervous holding hands with a girl. Actually, it kind of stinks when I want to hold her hand and she's like "Not so much."

* I've fallen off stage before. I didn't get hurt, but I jumped back on stage and acted like I was supposed to fall.

* I'd have to say "Year 3000" is my favorite song from It's About Time because it's just the one everyone knows and loves to hear

* The craziest thing I ever did was I told a teacher who just bought a new house that the realtor called, and said that his roof collasped. He called the number that I gave him, which was actually my cell phone, and I told him "April Fools!" and he freaked.

* find that John Mayer and Switchfoot have really influenced me. But anything that is interesting both melodically and lyrically has a strong impact on me.

* A secret about my brother Nick is that he can drink about 30 cans of Diet Coke in a day and still want more. He never stops!

* About his brother Nick being shy) Everyone says that because he's quiet, but he's not shy. He's Mr. Cool!

* hated middle school. I never fit in! I had like, like, two friends because I didn't connect with my classmates. I even got made fun of and beat up.

* Before a date, Joe and I straighten our hair.

* My little, little brother Frankie and I were watching a karate movie, so we were gonna practice by pretending to hit each other. I didn't mean to punch him, but I swung as hard as I could and knocked him in the face! Right away, when I felt his face in my hand, I was like, "Oooh!" He started crying. It was so bad. As you can imagine, I got grounded for that.

* Nick can't have other people wearing his socks. If you put on his socks, he'll get upset, and it's really funny!

* We [him and his brothers] wrote the song "Eternity" for our grandmother, who just recently passed away from cancer.

* (on what he looks for in a girl) I look for a girl who's cool. Like we just hang out and not see me as a 'celebrity'. I don't like it when girls run up and say 'I'm totally in love with you'. There's no mystery there. I mean from fans its great, but from a girl you're gonna's different.

* (talking about his brother Joe) He takes a shower, takes forever and then once he gets ready, he has to ask you if he looks okay four times!


Hi, I'm Frankie Jonas. You know my brothers, Kevin, Nick, and Joe, but I'm the coolest Jonas. Bye.

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