The Eurovision 2007

Meet with the singerof the Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki!
It will be very fun!!! ENJOY MY COOL W E B S I T E ! !

And here it is the winer!
Maria Sherifovic with the
song " M o l i t v a "


Here it is our Macedonian singer
Karolina Goceva with the song :
"Mojot svet se vika muzika"
"Music is the only world for me"

Here is the Hungarian "Jenis Joplin"

Bossna and Hercegovina


The good-looking Spanish boys!


English, Italish, Spanish
Russian and French languages
in this song TODLOMONDO

For a first time at the Eurovision 2007!
Here it is Georgia with the 13th place

United Kingdom with the beautiful "stage"!

Belarus with the song:
"Work your magic"

Moldova with the song "Fight"

Russia and the 3 cool girls.
With "Song # one" 3th place

Slovenia with the opera, and the
beautiful magic light in her hand!


Very cool songs! You must watch them!



Sorry I couldn't find some pictures for the other countrues:
France, Turkey, Germaney... I am really sorry. So fast I can
find them I'll pu them in my blog! Thanks for visiting my
good blog! Watch Eurovision 2007 and you'll find the fun!!!

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The Eurovision 2007 (Music)    -    Author : Ireine - Macedonia

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