Guns n Roses

Axel Rose the world´s best singer.

Slash the world´s best guitarrist .

The 59 les paul is the tipic guitar of slash.

Duff McKagan enchard of the bass.

No one wants to they get sepparate. They get sepparate cose Axel Rose said he was enchard of the group so Slash and Duff McKagan demand him.

Why they sepparate why???????????? no

Now GUNS N ROSES kip exsisting. But is just Axel Rose.just him

Slash isnt his real name his real name is Saul

Guitar Hero have characters and slash is one of those

This is the sign of guns n roses
1.-Sweet child o mine
2.-Welcome to the jungle
3.-Knokin on the hevens doors
4.-Paradise city
5.-Dont cry
6.-Civil war
7.-Live and let die
9.-November rain
10.-My Michelle
11.-Mr. Browstone
12.-Since I Dont have you
13.-Used to love her
15.-Youre crazy

Guns n roses was created in Los Angeles at 1985.

This is an image of how many fans guns n roses have.They have more!

My favorite songs of guns n roses are
1.-Sweet child o mine
2.-Paradise city
3.-Welcome to the jungle
4.-Knokin on the heavens doors

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